What Kind of Satellite TV Programming Are You?

The world of advertising seems focused on people defining themselves in terms of very specific categories. Are you a Coke or Pepsi kind of guy? Are you an Arizona Iced Tea or Vitamin Water kind of girl?

The Art and Science of Independent Film Financing

The art of film financing can be difficult for some filmmakers because they are looking at their potential movie from a creative perspective. Making movies is a business. Filmmakers need to package their movie with investors in mind.

The Real Skinny on Sex and the City 2

Hollywood loves these stories. It is especially fond of them when it just so happens they come out as new movies are about to be released. So, Sex and the City 2 seems to be in pretty good shape for its upcoming release.

A History of Different Cartoons on Satellite TV

It used to be that the word “cartoon” immediately brought forth images of ninja turtles and multi-colored bears designed for children to watch while enjoying juice boxes before naptime or on Saturday mornings. But a lot has changed in the world of television, or perhaps adults just don’t want to grow up in the same ways lately.

5 HD Movies on TCM That Will Shock Any Viewer

While classic movies are not typically known for their power to shock, a trip through the Turner Classic Movie archives on satellite TV might change people’s minds. Black and white snoozers are sometimes on the menu, with Tyrone Power barely filling the screen with his presence, but there is much more on offer everyday. From French gangster pictures to wild romps from American directors in the 1970s, TCM is the place to go for thrilling films. Here are five HD scorchers not to be missed.

“Welcome to the 90s” With Some of the Decade’s Best Films on Satellite TV

It’s pretty incredible how quickly time flies. After all, it seems like only yesterday people were trying to figure out what to call the decade that just passed–and apparently, no one has quite figured that out yet. As time seems to move a bit more quickly without popular consensus for what the words should be for the past 10 years and the 10 years that are coming, it makes sense to look back to a period where you at least knew what to call the decade: the nineties.

“Treme” on Satellite TV – New Orleans Recovery and All That Jazz

It’s a rare feat for a television producer, director, writer, or creator to have a series of hits that are not just big with fans, but are huge with critics. After all, pleasing everyone all of the time is supposed to be impossible, and if you are working with nonfiction material as the basis for a show, it’s supposed to be even more difficult. After all, you’re doing even more than just telling a story. You are telling someone very specific, someone very real’s, story, and sometimes that can lead to a bit of trouble down the road if those who are being portrayed are less than thrilled with how history is going to remember them thanks to popular culture.

Bangla Cinema’s Influence in International Film Making Through Satyajit Ray

Considered as one of the greatest figures in Bangla cinema, Satyajit Ray hailed from a family inclined in the arts. His father was a Bangla writer and poet, while his grandfather was a writer of children’s stories. It was during his stint as a designer of book covers that the seeds of being a filmmaker were planted.

Watch the Many Faces of Angelina Jolie on Satellite TV

There probably isn’t another contemporary actress in Hollywood who has undergone the amount of transformations that Angelina Jolie has in the past decade. The daughter of a mysterious French actress and acclaimed film star Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie grew up not with the help of her father, who decided that raising a family simply wasn’t in the cards.

Watch All of Your Favorite Al Pacino Films on Satellite TV

It’s rare in this generation of actors to find someone with the talent and the drive to earn the description “like a young Al Pacino,” but this is still one of the highest compliments that you can pay to someone who has decided to be a professional actor. After all, Al Pacino has a preternatural ability to choose incredible roles, and has managed to play so many different types of characters that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in your family who cannot name a Pacino movie that they enjoy.

Superman – The Man of Steel

Growing up in the 1950s was great. This was a time when life seemed a little slower, when dinner time was family time and everyone gathered around the TV set on Sunday night to watch the Ed Sullivan Show. My brother and I had our favorite shows, such as Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Howdy Doody and Superman.

Twilight Fan Fiction

Twilight is an undeniable phenomenon which has swept through the young adult literary world and has achieved world wide fame. In many ways its meteoric rise to fame as a series of books has been compared to the Harry Potter series, which spread literacy and a love of reading to millions of children around the world.