Network TV Shows Vs Cable Series – Strategies to Keep the Networks Competitive

With more cable series available, network TV runs the risk of losing viewers. There are several programming strategies that can help the networks stay competitive and to maintain their viewers.

When Soundtracks Attack

A song is meant to invoke a mood, an emotion, an era or a symbol. The right choice can leave an indelible image, the wrong choice can live on in infamy.

3-D – Future Or Fad?

Thanks to Avatar breaking every record that matters to Hollywood, and in large part due to 3-D screenings, the medium is enjoying a comeback in a big way. It’s effecting everything from ticket prices to gaming, but is this going to be the future or will it fade away, like the 3-D of old?

Bangla Cinema – Definition, History and Famous Personalities

Bangla cinema refers to the films made in the Bangla language in the Bengal region of Asia. It is one of the earliest film industries in India. The Bangla film industry is based in two areas: in Tollygunge (an area in South Kolkata, West Bengal) and in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh).

Why Can’t We Have Blockbusters Year Round?

Jaws was released on June 20, 1975 and it was the beginning of what has become a common occurrence: the summer blockbuster. Think big effects, big budgets, big actors:

Foreign Movies Vs Home Videos In Nigeria

Foreign movies have always thrived in our land even before Nigeria was birthed by the British. Glover memorial hall in August 1903 played host to the first movie to be viewed then, heralding the dawn of the film era.

The Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) – The Origin (History)

History basically allows people down the line, irrespective of the time span to know how certain norms, values, the existence of families, clans, communities, tribe, and Nation as a whole came to be. Most times this is made possible by documented materials, but in some settings it is passed on to younger generations by word of mouth. The Nigerian movie industry (Home video Industry) a.k.a Nollywood has been generally accepted to have started, after the success of Ken Nebue’s “Living in bondage”.

The Untapped Power Of Film Tourism In Nollywood

Our Greenland boasts of breath taking natural scenery and artificial edifices which have the potential of attracting tourists globally to our shores. From arcane rocks, imposed sized hills, cabalistic caves, sandy beaches, lovely water falls to wild life parks, exquisite resorts, refreshing warm springs, lakes, hotels of international standard, tourists are assured of a wonderful time.

How Do You Rent Movies Online to Watch on Your PC & TV?

Online movie rentals services are becoming more and more popular. This is mainly because of the time and money they save the consumer as opposed to renting movies from a traditional bricks and mortar type store. Find out what the viewing options are in this article.

“Shadrach” Starring Scott Terra and Daniel Treat

“Shadrach” is a coming-of-age film that deals with changing times and the people it effects. It is 1935 and a black man, a former slave, who is now 99 years old has returned to his birthplace to be buried next to his family. The family who now lives on the property is willing to help, but the local sheriff is determined that the man will be buried according to law. Which means in the local “colored” cemetery by the local “colored” undertaker.

The Lovely Bones – Pay-Per-View

I waited for months to have the opportunity to see The Lovely Bones at the movie theater. Every time the preview showed on television I thought I absolutely had to check this out. I’m a horror and drama fanatic so a combination of mystery and drama in a movie that seemed like it would also pull on my heart strings sounded like a winner in my book.

Pixar’s “Up” on Respecting the Elderly

It was a bold move for Pixar, making an animated movie about a 78 year old grouch. What kid wants to watch an old widower gripe and complain for two hours? But the movie proved to be an instant classic, even earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.