Shah Rukh Khan – The King of All Times

Silver screen images of actors have been inspiring many Indian cinemagoers and many of them might have even tried their luck to be a big name someday. Among these, some have found their place in the industry.

Hrithik Roshan – An Actor With Versatility

Each year there will be a number of actors and actresses who try their luck in Bollywood, but only some manage to get through the tough test of talent and luck. One actor who convincingly proved his ability as an actor was, Hrithik Roshan, son of producer-director Rakesh Roshan.

The Charming Actress Sadhana Shivdasani

The Indian film industry has been blessed with some of the greatest talents ever in the world- be it actors, actresses, film makers or technicians. One of the amazing yesteryear beauties of Hindi film industry, who charmed her audiences and became popular for her fringe is Sadhana Shivdasani.

Indian Cinema and Experimentation – Latest Trends

The Millennium has witnessed several changes in trends as far as the new Hindi movies are concerned. Scripts are more mature and deal with all kinds of political and social issues. Cinematography involves advanced techniques and filmmakers benefit from new and improved equipment.

Marketing Tip for Actors: When Is the Best Time to Go to LA?

It’s no secret that LA is the hotspot for actors who want to accelerate their careers. Did you know that there are three months in which it is the best time for actors to dive into the LA market? Don’t miss out on this important information if you’re contemplating the big move! Remember – timing is the key to strategizing!

Reviewing the X-Men Film Franchise

Whether you love them or you hate them, the X-Men have been one the most prolific superhero franchises of all time. Since the original movie debuted in 2000, there has been re-emergence of superhero films. X-Men showed that if taken seriously, superhero films could be highly successful.

The 5 Best Romantic Movies

Romantic movies are definitely here to stay, especially when the film is created so well that it can move its audience to tears. Love so great and so pure can only be too precious to behold. Make way for the 5 best romantic movies of all time and be sure that you add them to your grand movie collection.

Glee – Why We Love the Glee Cast

Glee has got to be one of the best and unique musical soap operas on TV. And if you aren’t a Glee Fan then you need to catch up on this fantastic show and join “gleeks” worldwide appreciating some of the best songs of our time reincarnated for a new audience, you don’t even have to be a musical fan, there’s plenty of comedy in this unique TV series. Not only does Glee pay tribute to nostalgic classics, it also opens up a whole new audience (and generation) to Broadway classics such as Defying Gravity, from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 2 Episode 1 all in it’s own inimitable way.

The King’s Speech Review

Movie reviews this week looks at the autobiographical drama The King’s speech. It stars the stalwart Colin Firth (The Picture of Dorian Gray) as the king in question; King George the VI, and a notably well deserved Oscar for a fantastic performance. His wife the late Queen Mother is played by the dependable Helena Bonham-Carter (Fight Club, Alice in Wonderland).

Hollywood Repeats Itself – Dark City and The Matrix

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A cliche, admittedly, but the truth of the aphorism cannot be denied. In the two films we are about to examine, humanity teeters on the brink of disaster in two seemingly disparate space-time continua. The similarities between these two films, however, vastly outweigh the differences. In Alex Proyas’s Dark City (1998), we are presented with a haunting vision of a seemingly familiar world that has actually been fabricated by a group of inhuman creatures that prey on human memories. Sound familiar? It should. One of the most popular films of 1999, Larry and Andy Wachowski’s The Matrix, has a very similar premise, and the similarities extend to specific characters and plot points.

The Problem Facing Captain America: The First Avenger

It’s a great year for comic book movies. We’ve just had Kenneth Branagh’s fantastic superhero flick Thor, whilst the already brilliantly looking X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern are set to hit cinemas within the coming month. Coming last in July however, will not do Marvel Studio’s Captain America: The First Avenger any favours.

The Swinging Sixties – The Drive-In Theatre

Almost everyone loved the movies, and going to ‘the flicks’ (or picture theatre) was a special joy…not always financially possible for a family. Then came the Drive-in theatre with its massive screen – in living colour – and you paid just one entry fee – for the car, no matter how many were squeezed inside.