The Best of TV Cartoons

Cartoons are the very essence of entertaining television. They inspire our imagination and can’t help but make us smile with their slapstick jokes. A lot of care and attention was put into the making of the really old cartoons.

Top 10 Movies and LDS Films That Most Mormons Would Be Familiar With

I was a student of Digital Media in college, which included the study of film. As I studied film and being a Mormon I realized that members of the Mormon faith love movies but there are certain films that Mormons are more familiar with than other groups. In my list I have excluded certain movies such as Single Ward, RM or other Mollywood (cheesy Mormon films). Here is the list that I came up with:

Chick Flicks – A Puzzle That No Guy Will Ever Solve Or Understand

Most guys will freely admit that they would probably choose a spinal tap medical procedure over a chick flick. We just don’t get these movies.

Celebrities Should Be Special

It wasn’t that long ago – maybe when there were three (or even four, as Fox grew) television networks and big movies opening very weekend when everyone knew who the “stars” were. Subjects on the cover of TV Guide had to be recognizable by the majority of the population before the editors approved them for photo shoots.

Music Director Devi Sri Prasad Biography and Filmography

Devi Sri Prasad, a well known music director in South Indian Film Industry is born on 2nd August 1982 in Vedurupaka, a small village in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh and later moved to Chennai along with his father & famous writer Satyanand. Devi started his career as a musician with his debut album “Dance Party”. Later M.S.Raju has given him a chance to compose music for his film “DEVI” in 1999 which was a big success.

How to Become a Good Actor

Many new actors in the business think that you can just go to the right place, meet a few people, and get discovered. While this does happen, it is rare, and instead, you will need a logical approach to build your acting career, this article is a step by step guide to just that.

Freedom Formula Trailer – Bryan Singer Film Comic Book Evolution Free Formula

An announcement in July last year showed that Singer was attached to the film, but the word on the participation of the study is a new development. If a driver discovers that he has the power to cause great changes in society, their life took a radically different…

The Cosby Show

One of the biggest shows of 1980’s is The Cosby Show. It is one of the first stand up comedy series ever witnesses by American television.

That 70’s Show

The series basically focuses on teenage relationships. The series show the relationship between Eric and Donna.

Tamil Actress Nayantara

The illustrious Indian actress Nayantara was born Diana Mariam Kurian in 1984. The career of Natanyara began after she was discovered in her university days by the director Satyan Anthikkad. By her own accounts, Natanyara knew nothing about the Malayalam cinema, or Telugu cinema and language before she began acting in movies for these regions.

Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is a controversial Bollywood star that found fame through different item that she held as well as a long list of movies that she’s performed in. She is performed in numerous television reality shows and has also been a talk show host in addition to the variety of Hindi films that she has acted in. She was a part of the cast of the reality show Bigg Boss, but was voted off after the first month.

Hindi Movie Industry

The Bollywood movie industry began in silence in 1913 with the film Raja Harischandra. Madhubala, the lead actress of the most highly ranked movie of all Bollywood movies, was one of the most beautiful of all time. Since the apex of the 1950’s, Bollywood has made its way around the world earning awards and achieving international acclaim.