How Video Editing Works

With the dawn of a new age of personal videos, you can simply sit at home and edit your favorite videos in affordable and easy to use video editing tools available on the Internet. It has now become convenient even for the professional photographers to produce high quality video with great and mesmerizing visual effects.

There is Hope For Bangla Cinema to Reach Bollywood’s Worldwide Acceptance

When a non-Indian is asked about Indian movies, it is most probable that he will think of Bollywood. This is the challenge that Bangla cinema is now facing – to be recognized worldwide as distinct from the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai. Obviously, the Bangla film industry cannot compete in terms of showy blockbusters and budget.

Introducing Melissa Altro, The Voice of Muffy on Arthur

Do your kids love the PBS show Arthur? If you have been watching it over the years and you enjoyed the voice acting, you are in for a treat!

Truly Disturbing Movies

Many people watch horror and suspense films, but there are still some viewers that can’t handle a certain amount of horror. These films about to be listed are only a small variety of the truly disturbing films that are out there.

1920’s Movie Stars – The Brightest Stars of the 1920’s

When most of us think of the era known as the “roaring twenties” we imagine what it must have been like to live during the time of flappers, silent movies, and prohibition. Motion pictures produced during this period pale in comparison to the films that show on our silver screen today.

Bette Davis in Now Voyager – A Classic Early Depiction of Feminism

Now, Voyager was made in 1942 and starred the impeccable Bette Davis and Paul Henreid. The movie is adapted from the original novel written by Olive Higgins Prouty, with a wonderful screenplay written by Casey Robinson. This is a classic early depiction of feminism and mental illness.

The Lost Finale – An Important Point About Jack Shepard

Spoilers are contained in this article. Do not read unless you’ve already seen the final episode of Lost.

Options For Viewing Movies

Most everyone enjoys watching a movie now and then. That’s just a simple fact. If you don’t believe me, check out the success of video chains such as Blockbuster, and Hollywood Video.

Who Survived at the End of Lost?

This is a spoiler filled article on who survived at the end of Lost. Do not read this article if you have yet to watch the entire series.

The Lost Finale – What is the “Flash Sideways” of Season 6?

An opinion about what the last episode of Lost revealed about what the “flash sideways” reality of season 6 really was. This article contains spoilers.

Symbols in Eastern Films and Western Science Fiction Films

When talking about the differences in the forms of expressions between eastern and western movies, the most notable feature that must be figured out is the usage of symbols in eastern films and western science fiction films. The frequent usage of symbols in eastern films cannot be found usually in western films.

Original Posters

You might be surprised by how fervently some collectors pursue original prints of movie posters. However, they’re only looking for authentic originals – meaning that they come from the first run of the poster and not a more recent reprint. Today, there’s quite a lot of money that goes into the movie poster collection business.