Review of Good Hair

Good Hair by Chris Rock was both fun and insightful. There was something in it for everyone whether or not you are a African-American in search of “good hair.”

Grant Writing Tips For Documentary Funding

There are a million stories to be told in the big city… and everyone one of them needs money to make them a reality. Grants are a great way to get funding but you need to have the basics down to make the most of your submissions.

Review of Capitalism – A Love Story

First let me say that I agree with Michael Moore’s general premise in his documentary Capitalism: A Love Story that corporate greed is out of hand and that average citizens are paying the price. I think many people do. What I was hoping to see was informative examples and enlightening arguments to support his point of view.

Best Horror Movie List

Imagine that cinematic technology has undergone a revolution that puts the viewer in the actual movie itself. The article features five to six movies known to us today, carefully picked, not for their visual effects, but for their stories which could truly put the participant-viewer to a real test and/or thrill of survival if he were in the actual lead role.

Confessions of a True Blood Addict – Why True Blood is So Addicting

Alan Ball’s HBO show True Blood is an incredible show that also happens to be very socially relevant. This article examines the shows appeal and how it is a great metaphor for the mistreatment in our country. The saw is very gray in terms of issues being black and white. Good and bad take on new meanings and the show examines different kinds of love and shows why it is important to value that.

The Piracy Virus – Any Miracle Cure?

HIV virus presently has no cure, so we’ve been told, and from my analysis, the piracy virus which has spread to various continents at an alarming rate, taking down the high driven Entertainment market certainly calls for concern. Piracy unfortunately has a strong grip on the Entertainment and Literary market.

What Can Michael Jackson Teach Us About Passion?

Doing what you love has tremendous benefits. Work can feel like play, your standard of excellence often raises, and the fact that you’re adding value to your customers, co-workers or audience is fulfilling and meaningful.

Oscars 2009 Angelina Jolie Dress

2009 Oscars Angelina Jolie Dress was an Elie Saab strapless black with lot of back detailing. She looked gorgeous on the red carpet and the dress only made her look more classic and glamorous.

1950’s Hollywood Movie Memories – New Competition and New Markets

By 1950 it was estimated that over 10.5 million U.S. households had a television, and that number was climbing rapidly. Post-war affluence seemed ripe for the taking. However, with this affluence came a number of alternate leisure activities.

1940’s Hollywood Movie Memories – The War Years

It was hard to believe that just after what was thought to be Hollywood’s greatest decade there seemed to be such lost promise. With the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the resulting outbreak of World War II, the American film industry suffered a slump during the early part of the 1940s. As it did following the Great Depression, Hollywood would have to again find a formula for survival.

1930’s Hollywood Movie Memories – The Golden Age of Hollywood

The early part of the 1930’s provided less in the way of Hollywood Movie Memories, and more in the way of memories of the Great Depression. In spite of the decades slow start, Hollywood would go on to have one of the most creatively and financially successful eras in motion picture history.

1920’s Hollywood Movie Memories – The Silent Era

Originating as a turn-of-the-century novelty, the motion picture business soon became a multi-million dollar industry. In fact, by the early 1920’s, the business of making movies had already become America’s fifth largest industry and would go on to become one of the most significant and influential communication and entertainment tools of the 20th century.