Bad Movies and Those Who Make them

You know the ones I’m talking about. They put you to sleep faster than a mouth full of Ambien.

Interview With “The Way Back Home” Executive Producer Ralph Clemente

For its East Coast Premiere, “The Way Back Home” found its way back home. Written by and starring Central Florida native Michael H. King, filmed in the Sanford and Orlando areas, and produced by a mostly Central Florida crew, “The Way Back Home” is part of a showcase for local films in the 2006 Florida Film Festival.

Are You the New Ken Burns or the Next Francis Ford Coppola?

Advances in digital cameras and computer hardware and software technology are democratizing filmmaking.

Oprah’s Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season

Oprah Winfrey puts on her special holiday Favorite Things show each year. See what products made the list in 2005!

Meet Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

This article provides a brief introduction to the main characters of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, a series of books and cartoons that have captured the hearts of children worldwide.

The Golden Girls (Season 2) DVD Review

Making its debut in the fall of 1985, The Golden Girls quickly established itself as a fixture of Saturday night prime time television…

The Golden Girls (DVD) Review

Making its debut in the fall of 1985, The Golden Girls quickly established itself as a fixture of Saturday night prime time television…

Sick, Twisted and Perverse – The Mystique of Midnight Movies

The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” has long been a popular midnight feature because of its bizarre interactive blend of comedy, violence, and sexuality. “The Blair Witch Project,” which premiered as a midnight movie at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999, is another late-night favorite because of its guerilla-style camera techniques coupled with its pseudo-documentary presentation and growing sense of fear and doom. The allure of midnight movies isn’t the time the film is scheduled, but the risk involved with watching something designed to push your buttons.

Mind Your (Movie) Manners

Movie theaters often bring out the worst behavior in people because they falsely believe that the cloak of darkness grants them anonymity and immunity. They may talk too loudly, block your view, or sit behind you in order to kick your chair. To help film lovers everywhere enjoy their experiences more, here’s a list of suggestions for movie manners everyone should follow whether in the theater, at a film festival, or an outdoor event.

Star Trek and Persistence: The Making of a Short Film!

How I learned about persistence thanks to Star Trek and my short film.

Mel Brooks is Crazy!

Mel Brooks is crazy because he got into a bad crowd. I’ve proved this by doing genealogical research.

The Andy Griffith Show (DVD) Review

One of the most beloved shows in television history, The Andy Griffith Show takes its viewers back to a simpler time of small town America, apple pie, and black and white television…