Pitchmen on Satellite TV

A new show on the Discovery Channel, Pitchmen, which you can catch via satellite TV, looks at the world of advertising. More specifically, this newly launched show, delves into the realm of TV pitchmen, the guys who you see on network and satellite TV hawking all manner of items, from plantain peelers to multifunctional blenders and discount HD TVs. The main star of the show is the ubiquitous TV personality Billy Mays. This salesman has based his whole career on figuring out what it is that people want, and how to get people to buy it, usually to the tune of $19.95 plus extra limited time offers.

The Return of the Cult Classic on Satellite TV

Connoisseurs of film and the arts have often bemoaned the lack of quality programming on television. If the same actors and writers are at work in both mediums, why must the one (television) be so inferior to the other (movies)?

A Serial Killer in Sheep’s Clothing – Dexter on Satellite TV

Showtime, a channel which you can duly enjoy courtesy of your satellite TV subscription is known for its select choice of programs. The shows it airs are quirky, smart, daring, off-kilter and usually critically adored and definitely well made all around, stuff you’d definitely want to tune up your HD TV for. Many of its recent programs have demanded more of its audience than your usual TV fare; audiences have had to sympathize with narcissists and deadbeats. But then again there is a distinct appeal to watching characters on the wrong side of the tracks, rather than having to suffer through your average teenage heart throb, sports star, cheerleader melodrama. Showtime makes interesting TV.

When Cosa Nostra Became Everyone’s Thing

You could be hard pressed to find the exact time when America became obsessed with organized crime — the mafia, the mob, the syndicate — but most sociologists point to the dawn of motion pictures as the point of no return. If Jimmy Cagney’s sneering wiseguy in The Public Enemy didn’t get you interested, nothing ever would. For the longest period of time, Oscar (read: mainstream respect) wasn’t interested in a leading man if he portrayed a gangster and the genre toiled in the minor leagues of cinema standing. Cagney scooped up an Oscar for Yankee Doodle Dandy, as song-and-dance man George M. Cohan, but perhaps his most scintillating performance was in White Heat, when Cagney returned to the gangster genre. If it arrives on your satellite tv program via Turner Classic Movies…

Disney Movie Features African American Princess

A new Disney feature film will debut in the summer of 2009. Dick Cook, chairman of the Disney Company, proudly presented the date and name. It is called the Frog Princess and features a beautiful new princess named Maddy.

The Best of the Oscars 2008 on Satellite TV

The Academy Awards celebrate the best movies, actors, actresses, directors, screenwriters and so on. The ceremonies are glamorous affairs where everything goes. You can watch dozens of pre-Oscar shows on satellite TV outlets like E! and even CNN gets into the mood. However, despite all the glitz the glamour and the hubbub, many people haven’t even watched half of the nominated movies, which is really a shame, as they are supposed to be some of the best around. Luckily, there’s satellite TV, which means you can catch all these great movies the second time around.

Turner Classic on Satellite TV – The Ultimate Escape

What’s the ideal vacation? For most people, it’s “getting away from it all.” Exasperated workers look for the antidote to the mundane and often, a return to a simpler time, a simpler life. Find yourself on Long Island, NY’s Fire Island and you will get the picture. After taking the ferry across the bay, you’ll discover there are no cars allowed. Have to make an important call? It probably won’t happen, as the community has shunned the unsightly cell phone towers and reception ranges from bad to worse. Yes, it’s back to nature and back to a simpler life.

‘Reality TV’ is Really Terrible

When did television turn into a reality wasteland? I recently hooked up my cable after a year of no television. I have to admit, I’ve been a little traumatized since then.

Cult DVDs – What is Their Future?

“I started in this business in 1992, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen the market.” This is a quote from Don May, Jr. of Synapse Films, a distributor of “cult DVDs,” which I found in Oliver Carter’s blog post “Cult DVDs No More?” from March 6, 2007. Two years later, the market has probably not improved. The current slowdown of releases of cult DVDs and a perusal of some websites of companies which distribute them leads me to wonder if a cable TV channel specializing in cult movies is what is needed to fill the niche.

Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

Here is my list of my all time favorite TV shows, in no particular order. These are the shows that I could watch at anytime. I’ll try to keep it fun by telling you what I didn’t like about them and their characters, some great lines from the shows, maybe some interesting things you didn’t know, and more – anything but just the usual top ten list.

Get the Ultimate Enthusiasm of Movies With Latest Action Movies

The story of a action films is hardly depicted by dialogues, it shows through action sequence. If you are an avid film lover then you can go for some of the latest action movies.

Slam Dunk Manga Profile For Tatsuhiko Aota

This is an article profile of one of the Slam Dunk Manga Anime’s character Tatsuhiko Aota. His role and the number of years he has been with team are among of the many profiles that you can find in this article.