Criminal Minds – Brilliant Series!

I must admit that I love this show. Criminal Minds has been renewed for a seventh season and it is highly recommended for fans. It grows and evolves, and this season is unusual…

Baby Casting Calls: How and Where to Get Them?

Some companies dealing with manufacturing baby care products and outfit are sometimes searching for infants who can design for his or her products. You might have come across an item that has a child design in it and believed that your infant could in fact have been cuter were it offered an opportunity.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Review

Has Michael Bay finish on a high note with his final film of the transformers franchise? Yes and No.

Patriotic Hindi Films – Bollywood Celebrating Patriotism in Its Unique Style!

Didn’t someone once say that films and other popular forms of media is a product of their environment? Usually around the Independence Day the overkill of the films celebrating our freedom invariably forces us to wear our patriotism on our sleeves.

Cowboys and Aliens Movie Review

Most of us are familiar with the classic genre of Cowboys and Indians in western films. Well how about Cowboys and Aliens? Jon Favreau directs the film adaption of the graphic novel and this is the review.

Top 11 Film Directors Ever

When it comes to directors I really have favourites and will watch films just because of the director even if it sounds like crap I will watch it to see if it is, mine ranges from comedy to drama but all are Auteurs in there own right. I call this top 11 because I always think there’s more than 10 and I’m making a revolution out of it ha-ha so he’s my list…

Top Movies of 2011 – Fun to Watch

Movies are a source of entertainment. They are the best companion of your leisure time. If you are getting bore, watch movies to pass your time. Along with the entertainment, movies are also very helpful in providing you information and also make aware you of the things happening in your surroundings.

Good Movies 2011 – List Of the Best

There is a huge craze of English movies all around the world. People are very fond of watching English films. There are many people who go to cinemas to watch films. Some people watch movies in their homes either with their friends or alone. These are also a source of information. You can also learn or improve your English by watching English films.

2011 Animated Movies – The Best Releases

Throughout the years animation has been used all around the world. The animated movies are fun to watch for any type of gender or for any age group. In 2011, many best animated movies have been released.

Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Review

(Warning: this is a comprehensive review therefore may contain spoilers.) A lot of pressure was riding on Captain America: The First Avenger. If done well, Marvel could have their best movie yet, whilst generating huge hype for The Avengers. If done wrong, plans for The Avengers would have taken a huge hit. Has director Joe Johnston truly managed to bring the magic to one of Marvel’s most iconic characters?

List of the Best Movies Of 2011

Movies are the source of relaxation and entertainment. The Hollywood is a very big film industry. There are many directors who have made or are making very interesting films.

How Your Child Model Can Make It In Hollywood

If you are the parent of a child model, then there is every chance that you are dreaming of a career in Hollywood for your kid. What you may not know is that the work should start now, regardless of the age of your child.