United Flight 93: The Movie Tells it All

Flight 93 the Movie is a depiction of the September 11, 2001 flight, which was taken over by the victims of the hijackers and crashed before the victims could regain control. It is an emotionally packed movie and even more so as it is so reality based and a docu-drama.

What Do The Numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 Mean?

Do you remember the sequence fad with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42? Everyone was trying to figure out what these were all about. Apparently these numbers were etched on a rock below the water line, which was shown on a Reality Television show, yet that did not stop people from trying to determine what those numbers really meant.

Movie Rentals Today – Online Renting, Downloads, and More

Movie Rentals Today – Online Renting, Downloads, and More

The Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time

There have been thousands of sports movies throughout the years. Some have been absolute crap and most are mediocre at best, but there are that select few that remain deep-seated in our memories. Those movies not only invoke our passion of sports, they manage to cross over and teach us greater life lessons. They teach us the importance of hard work and learning from our mistakes. They teach us that the impossible can come true. That’s what I consider a great sports movie. Well, either that or it has to be really funny.

Game Show With A Rainbow Twist

You can call it the secret love child of Jeopardy and Will & Grace, conceived in creativity and birthed in sexual diversity. Debuting on the Game Show Network on Monday, April 17, the updated version of the popular 1950’s game show, “I’ve Got A Secret” will blast before audiences with a whole new bag of tricks with a gay cast of four.

Reality TV – How Low Can It Go?

Reality television shows are everywhere, and each new show seems to go further than it’s predecessor. So just how low can and will Big Brother go?

Cartoons – Rare Animations

If you think you’ve seen just about every cartoon around, think again. This peek into the world of rare animation uncovers just a spec of the rare animations that have been created over the past 80 years.

Cartoons – Strips Versus Films

Is a cartoon what it used to be? The answer to that question may surprise you as we take a look at the original definition of a cartoon and what it has since evolved into.

Cartoons – How They Are Made

Wonder how cartoons are actually made? Finding out may just ruin the illusion for you so read at your own risk as we take you from storyboard to finished cartoon.

Cartoons – The Japanese Invasion

Today, if you turn on your TV, you will see a number of Japanese cartoons. If you’re wondering when this invasion started, keep reading as we take you back to the 1960s and some of the most famous Japanese Animations.

Demand Better Quality Movies From The Entertainment Industry

Forty plus years ago, people marched in the streets when they were disgruntled and unsatisfied. No longer is protest an option. Media outlets tend to paint pictures of angry mobs causing protesters to lose in courts of popular opinion. Since the 60’s, laws have been put in place to discourage disagreement with people in power.

“V For Vendetta” The Movie And These Days

It was quite surprising to follow the story and its continuos resemblance to what is happening today in a not too far away country and not too strange neighborhoods