Top 5 Classic Sitcoms on Satellite TV

One of the best parts about being an adult is being able to make your own decisions. This includes things like spending your money on a high definition TV with a screen the size of a refrigerator, and then watching it with the volume too loud, sitting too close to the screen, and staying up too late. It is especially great if you, like us, grew up deprived of either cable or satellite TV, and missed out on some of the important cultural moments and icons of the past couple of decades. Fortunately, satellite TV allows for cultural catch-up, as various stations continue to air re-runs of some of the best sitcoms ever made. Here are my top 5 comedies that everyone should know, watch, and be able to quote.

Top 5 Quotes From Arrested Development – One of the Best Shows on Satellite TV

Watching and enjoying Arrested Development is like being caught up in one big inside-joke. Recurring ideas weave throughout the very involved story lines, and each character confronts these themes and reacts to them in different ways. There are also great lines that seem to come up again and again, the jokes repeating themselves in new senses and situations that can only be understood if you have seen everything that came before. A single phrase can recall a whole episode and the circumstances the characters found themselves in. If you know the show, you will instantly recognize these moments of comedic brilliance.

Top 5 Unusual Comic Books Made Into Movies

Many blockbusters movies of the past few years have featured familiar characters – Batman, Spiderman, Superman. All of our favorite DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse comic book heroes are incarnated in films again and again, where the only thing more common than special powers is special effects. Computer animation and high definition lend to the high-budget fun. The Dark Knight was every bit as epic as the hype made it out to be; but even so, another Batman film is just another Batman film. Out on the edge, there are also plenty of more obscure, artful comics and graphic novels being made into really stunning films.

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

The stereotype of women only being concerned with clothes, cooking, and gossip is in need of serious reevaluation. While a lot of women do enjoy these things there are plenty of other ladies out there who remain clueless to the latest fashion or 30 minute meal and are more concerned with how the Patriots are going to do this season.

Satellite TV Brings You the Top 5 Sitcoms of Today

Taste in television shows can be extremely eclectic and a point of serious debate between friends and strangers alike. With the hundreds of options provided by satellite TV and the mammoth entertainment industry, there are shows to satisfy the tastes of almost anyone. Situational comedies, better known as “sitcoms”, are a staple of American television and go all the way back to when radio shows served as the main form of home entertainment.

The Happiest Place on Satellite Television

The Disney Corporation and all of its creations occupy an important part of many people’s childhoods from different generations and global locations. Since its true start in 1934, Disney has been creating iconic characters and films to educate and delight children and adults alike. Taking animation to new heights, Walt Disney and his successors elevated the understanding of cartoons from being simply a form of child’s entertainment to being a source of joy and interest for everyone in the family.

Today’s History Brought to You on Satellite TV

George Santayana cleverly stated that, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Elements of history are cyclical and can be seen popping up time and again throughout the centuries. Acquiring a better knowledge of what came before us is essential in order to learn from the lessons experienced by others.

Top 5 Sports to Catch on Satellite TV

There is the old saying that baseball is “America’s pastime”, and while it remains a hugely popular sport, there remains a hearty level of competition from other sports for a place in the hearts of Americans. ESPN and its many branches (along with other sports channels) allow viewers to browse around and catch almost any sport that tickles their fancy, though some are more deserving of a second glance than others. There are some sports that remain equally, if not more, entertaining at home than live.

Top 5 Drama Series to Spot on Satellite Television

Everyone can enjoy a good action packed drama that pulls at your heartstrings and occasionally takes some pretty far-fetched plot turns. Focusing on themes like love, betrayal, desire, and danger, night time television dramas differ from daytime soap operas only in that their plots are a tad bit more believable and the acting quality is bumped up quite a few notches.

Re-Imagining Battlestar Galactica

This television drama serial has already a large following of supporters, fans and enthusiasts, not to mention the Emmy nominations in its belt for writing and directing. With several Emmy Awards for Visual Effects and a Peabody Award for overall excellence in its name, Battlestar Galactica is now one of the things one has to see to prove that he belongs to this generation. This series first aired in a three-hour mini-series on the American Sci-Fi Channel last December 2003.

Every Genre of Movie is Available on Satellite TV

Here’s a mind bender to either kill time on a flight, pass around in an email, or whisper through cubicle walls when the boss’s door is closed: think of 12 different movies. Come up with a memorized quote from each film. Anyone capable of quoting more than a dozen different lines from different movies is definitely, a fan of film.

Reality TV Families on Satellite TV – Fame at What Cost?

One reason to be on TV is to get famous. But, what of those who are already famous? Why do they want to expose their everyday lives to the cameras? Are they so desperate for the spotlight? Are they clamoring after some sense of audience approval?