Winter’s Bone

Much has been made of this film after it won the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film and the Best Screenplay Award at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It also received two awards at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival and Stockholm International Film Festival where it won awards for Best Film and Best Actress (Lawrence) and the Fipresci Prize. It has earned seven nominations at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress. It may not do as well at the Oscars, but I would say most of what the film has received has been earned.

The Green Hornet

It takes a certain kind of film to make me question the state of a genre. Certain horror movies make question the audiences that attend them, and certain movies that go on to win Oscars make me question the voters, but not since 1990′s Captain America (a horrid movie starring Matt Salinger as the first Avenger) have I sat down and thought about the state of a genre. I remember seeing that and being thankful that even after such a gigantic misfire we’re still allowed Batman movies and Spider-Man movies and even another Captain America film (which appears to be infinitely better). The Green Hornet, you should know, is one of those certain films – I’ve seen it twice now and both times I’ve thought to myself, “Is this the state of the superhero film? This is what we’ve come to?”

Reviewed: Thor [2011]

Been a while since my last review. I blame work and other such inconveniences for what it’s worth but anyway on with the reviews, this time in the form of another Marvel comic book hero. The Marvel comic book creation is unleashed into the movie world which is growing desperately thin on new and original pieces of work.

What’s in Your DVD Catalog?

Stop right now to think about what you own in your DVD catalog. What do you own? Do you even know? In these days where clutter is normal and chaos is a way of life, you might not realize just how out of touch you are with the things you own. Instead of wandering through your DVD collection without any idea of what you own, you need to create a better system of cataloging your movies. With a DVD catalog, you’ll know what you have to watch at home tonight.

The Charming Sex Symbol – Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman is one of the unconventional actresses of Indian cinema, who has boldly portrayed glamorous characters with charm. With an acting career spread over almost 20 years, she appeared in many Hindi films starring with some of the most handsome and popular actors of Bollywood.

Memorable Films of Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari started her career as a child artist in order to support her poor family. She had always wanted to go to school like other children but destiny had something else planned for her. She became one of the most appreciated actresses of Indian film industry and even after several years of her death, film lovers and critics consider her as a classy actress of all times. She also has some of the classic films to her credit.

The Spontaneous Saira Banu

She is the daughter of famous actress Naseem Banu of the ’30s – ’40s time period. Saira is known for her charming appearance and skillful acting in her films. She is a spontaneous actress and delivers her roles with panache of her own. Her acting career is filled with different films and distinctive characters.

The Unconventional Nandita

The fame and reach of Nandita Das, her acting and her films is not just limited to India but has found a place in the international arena also. She personifies the modern Indian woman who fights for injustice in society in her own ways and tries to make people aware of the norms that need to be changed. Through her films and unconventional roles that she has done on the big screen, she attempts to bring forth the unnoticed issues and emotions and dilemmas of human beings.

Unstoppable Movie (2010) Review

Unstoppable is an action/thriller movie about a runaway train that threatens to destroy a city in western Pennsylvania starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. It is based on a true story about a runaway train incident in 2001 where a similar situation occurred, although not nearly as dramatic or as dangerous as the runaway train in “Unstoppable” was.

Follow the Stars to Cannes, or Take in the Best UK Film Locations

Fashion designers are styling up their clients and brand ambassadors, five-star hotels are fully booked under a variety of aliases, there are after parties being planned for after the after party, the limousines have been hired and the red carpet is ready to be rolled out. The movie stars are heading for Cannes and the paparazzi cannot be too far behind – it’s time for the Cannes film Festival. For most movie enthusiasts in Europe, this is the main event.

13 Assassins

This movie kicks mountains of ass! From the opening scene, which depicts the ancient Japanese ritual suicide method known as harakiri or seppuku, Japanese provocateur Takashi Miike’s latest film is clearly not screwing around. The opening scene is a textbook case of the effectiveness of sound design in film: we are mercifully spared the visual details of the disgraced samurai slicing open his own belly with his sword, instead focusing on a long take of his agonized face with the hideous squelching sounds of the violent act filling the soundtrack, an effect that is arguably even worse than onscreen violence.

Movie Review: Dum Maro Dum – Dark Side of Goa

A story set in the beautiful Goa, about the life of picturesque Goa and people who live there… But it doesn’t stop there, it’s a story about the drug mafia in Goa and how it affects everyone’s life. How an innocent man gets caught in the mafia world, how his dreams are fulfilled, wishes almost come true and suddenly even before he can blink his eyes, his entire life crashes right in front of him…