Memento – Confusing People Since 2000

Every aspect of Memento is a puzzle and a challenge; including the story, characters, and even the DVD box-set. If there was ever a movie that justifies (requires) a second or third visit, this is it. Not that anything becomes any clearer or easier to understand with additional viewings, however that’s part of the films genius.

Little Britain – A Posthumous Review

Having worked in an office in the EC4 area, I am faced with walking down a street called ‘Little Britain’ to the newsagents’ everyday. And every day I am reminded of the travesty of this inexplicably popular series that set back humour 30 years or so.

Excellent TV Shows on Air Now

This article is about TV shows and some of the best reviewed and most popular ones on the air now. The body connects to the keywords because the keywords are about lighting and TV shows have to use lighting creatively sometimes.

Episode Summary of the Hit Comedy TV Show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

At some point everybody will buy a certain piece of technology or some kind of gadget that they feel attached to, that they love. This happens with people every day and is why people go to get an iPhone screen replacement or an iPad repair, and similar situations are demonstrated on popular TV shows on a regular basis.

Twilight Contacts and the Sparkly Vampires

Twilight Saga has been criticized for this unconventional persona of a vampire, especially their sparkly features. While Vampires Diaries and True Blood, Twilight present-day counterpart had maintained the conventional vampire features.

Five Tips For Finding a Screenwriting Partner

The filmmaking world is by its very nature collaborative. Each person on set brings his skills to bear on the production in order to make the best film possible. Quite often this collaborative mentality extends back into the writing phase of a film, where two or three writers may work on a screenplay.

Predators Movie Review 2010 Reboot

Run…Go…Get to the chopper, is a very well remembered line for Arnold in the original Predator film as he attempts to save the the last of his patrol from the strange alien predator from another world. One by one, his team were slaughtered. Until only he stands to fight.

A Technofiction Review of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a 2010’s take on the classic mystery genre. There is nothing too surprising going on here, but pacing is pleasing and the characters are resourceful. I liked it.

Opinions of the Academy Awards

The Academy Award for Best Picture is one of the highest honors that a film can earn. It basically is honoring the sum of the films parts (acting, directing, writing etc) as the best work done that year in film. The Academy has been giving out its Best Picture Oscar since the late 1920s.

The Top 5 Disney Princess Movies

Trying to decide what the best all time Disney movie is not an easy task to do, but trying to determine what the top five Disney princess movies are is even harder. One of the best things about the Disney princess movies are how much they have influenced kids of all ages. Little girls enjoy princess dress up clothes even more so because of the Disney princesses.

Subtitle Sites to Improve Your Movie Viewing Experience

There is an increasing demand for subtitles in various languages for movies across the world. More and more movie lovers are waking up to the prospect of global cinema as there is a fusion of creativity among artists.

What Makes American TV Much Better Then It’s British Counterpart

What are the differences between Americian and British TV? And why are the Americans so much better at it?