Movie Review of Air Force One

Harrison Ford is peerlessly charming and always believable. For this, audiences flock to his movies in droves. It is also the reason that this film succeeds.

Delving Into the Smurfs – Facts, Conjectures, and Rumours

An awful lot has been said and written about the Smurfs since their creation in 1958 by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, and not all of it, by any means can be true. Here are some of the stories and conjectures about the Smurfs, but the author takes no responsibility for the authenticity of any of the supposed facts mentioned.

Digital TV – An Instrument For Quality Picture

New developments are taking place rapidly in audio visual medium throughout the world. Inventions are taking place so frequently that a modern device of today can become outdated by tomorrow.

Film – The Secret Story Between Coco Chanel and Stravinsky Igor

This film aims to describe the burning love between Chanel and Stravinsky Igor, one is a famous fashion designer and one is a Russian composer, and the magic power behind No.5 perfume. The fashion topic of moviedom, in 2009, undoubtedly, is Chanel.

“Kung Fu Panda” – The Transmitter of Chinese Culture

“Kung Fu Panda” which is filled with Chinese culture and Chinese elements travels throughout the world and use its Chinese elements to become popular among the world. From another aspect, it performs the role of the transmitter of Chinese culture and elements.

Scary & Supernatural Elements – A Horror Movie to Chill the Spine of the Audience

Entertainment industry offer entertainment in many forms. One of the forms is horror. A horror movie reflects so many features that makes them really very popular among the people.

Some of the Most Influential Films From the 1980s

When it comes to decades of historically important films, few eras had as much influence as the 1980s. This was a time when CGI was just an idea and no one had even begun to think about 3D films. There was no such thing as IMAX, and special effects crews arguably had a much harder time trying to figure out how to make stunts look real.

A List of Some of the Most Memorable Football Films to Ever Be Released

There are a plethora of Football films. This article discusses some of my favorite ones.

Technofiction Review of Inception (2010)

Inception is a fun look at one of movieland’s famous themes: Is it real or a dream? This time it’s in the format of a science fiction action caper. The movie has a good start, but the middle action stuff ran long and by the end I was doing some head scratching: there were some Technofiction inconsistencies.

Russell Brand – Re-Brand Review

When I first saw Russell Brand on MTV, within a few seconds I came to the conclusion that this man was not only medically insane, but also extremely annoying. Subsequently, whenever he happened to be on TV I quickly changed the channel; I didn’t care enough to find out anything about his background, I simply assumed he was friends (or perhaps lovers) with one of the big-wigs. After all, how could such a talentless nit get on TV?

Film Trilogies That Are Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

It is incredibly difficult to make a series of three films and have them all be successful financially and critically. The following films have accomplished both.

Top 5 Teen Movies of All Time – In My Opinion

There are 5 movies that I watched as a young teen and even now I would be happy to watch over and over again – I cannot wait until my kids are a little older so I have an excuse to watch them all over again. The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future and Gremlins.