New Hilarious Comedy Show on Satellite TV From Showtime

Most of us love to get together with friends and just sit around having a laugh. Some people may actually have funny friends, while others just love their friends so much they laugh anyway. Sometimes, a truly un-funny person can be just as funny, not for their lack of trying. No matter how funny your friends are, it would probably be even funnier to sit down and have a candid conversation with a room full of professional comedians, but whoever gets such an opportunity? Now, with a new show to be aired on satellite TV via Showtime called “The Green Room with Paul Provenza” comedy fans can do exactly that.

Your Favorite Musical Movies on Satellite TV

The world of movies has certainly changed lately. While it used to just take the right kind of song and dance number along with a halfway respectable set to turn heads, the latest century means a whole lot more work devoted towards keeping an audience’s attention. Whether this means elaborate sets and gigantic song and dance numbers like the remake of the John Waters classic “Hairspray” or the latest stylistic choices behind Broadway hits turned Hollywood box office delights like “Hairspray” and the remake of Fellini’s “8 1/2,” the world of cinema as far as the musical is concerned has certainly changed a lot since the introduction of satellite TV.

5 Classic Robert De Niro Pictures on Satellite TV

If you’re looking for a great performance from a bold American actor, you needn’t look much farther than a Robert De Niro film of the 1970’s or 1980’s. You will see a lesser commitment or intensity from the star after the 90’s came on, but in his prime is tough to beat by any actor of any generation. From Scorsese films to Deer Hunter, De Niro’s acting clinic was on full display during these times. Here are five De Niro classic now playing in high definition on satellite TV.

Early Silent Films – The Rich History of Silent Films in Hollywood

By the middle of the 1920’s you could count on every town having at least one movie theater. Going to the movies, at that time, was a lot different then it is these days. Today you see a feature film and possibly a few previews, but overall you will only be spending about two hours on average in the theater.

Film Femme Fatale – The Role of the Hollywood Femme Fatale

The definition of the “Femme Fatale” archetype is derived from the french phrase that translates in English to mean “deadly woman.” A classical example of a femme fatale is a woman who uses her charms to engage men into an overpowering desire for her that could only lead to dangerous, compromising, and even fatal situations.

Reconciling the Great Debaters

The construct of the film, The Great Debaters, demonstrates the challenges African Americans faced in the 1930’s, as they play out through the capacity of individuals, their perceptions, emotions, and their relation to society. The historical context of the setting is Marshall, Texas during the Great Depression when state and federal laws were overrun by Jim Crow segregation. The lead character, Melvin B. Tolson, functions as a professor whose role is not only to combat racial inequality, the morality of civil disobedience, and integrating the revolutionary ideals of the Northern unions, but to aid each of the students on the debate team from Wiley College-James Farmer, Jr., Henry Lowe and Samantha Booke-to do the same in their lives.

Showtime’s Dexter TV Show – Top 3 Reasons People Watch

The Showtime series Dexter is a TV show which is based on a plot. This plot was from a certain adaptation from the first novel of Jeff Lindsay’s series called Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Who would have know the Dexter books This story of Dexter is a story of an orphaned boy who witnessed a dramatic event.

What Happened to Horror?

All I had to do was hear the sounds coming from the living room and I thought I was going to pass out in fear. I became a horror freak by high school.

10 Stephen King Stories That You Didn’t Know Were Being Made Into Movies

Several Stephen King Novels and Short Stories are in various stages of production at movie and television studios. Is your favorite Stephen King story among them?

Precarious TV Aerial and an Imminent High Wind

Keeping an eye on your Aerial. Problems buying a new television.

First Ever FIFA World Cup in 3D

For the first time ever the FIFA World Cup Finals will be held in the African continent, more precisely in South Africa, it is also the first a South American brand is one of the official sponsors, Spain could win it for the first time and this will be the first ever World Cup broadcasted in 3D. Many of you reading this article might be on plane on its way to South Africa to watch your squad live but for us unlucky mortals reality just got a little closer thanks to the introduction of 3D TVs and…

YouTube Killed Television

YouTube has become a driving force in global entertainment, some claim they watch it more than television. Computers in the home are starting to outnumber televisions. Why not use the best platform in the world to make life simpler while possibly making extra money at the same time?