Film Making: The Business Side

Most film students may sometimes fail to consider the business aspects of filmmaking. This is because their focus at the moment is to start out wanting to simply make films from what they have learnt. However, later they have to face the fact that unless they can make a commercial go of it, they will not be able to make any more films.

Santa’s Slay Review

You’ve heard of Santa Claus and how he gives you gifts as a child. But what if he was really a killer demon?

Movie Reel Decoration for Special Occasions

Movies have always fascinated people from ages. Movies may be non-substantial and bound to specific cast and script but the echoes of it are heard in everyday life. Majority of the chats belonging to youth especially either start or end with movies.

Finding Movie Reviews Online

When you are thinking about seeing a certain movie but don’t know if it is any good, you will want to look online for movie reviews from those who have already seen it. Going on sites like will give you an idea as to what the critics think about the movie you are thinking about seeing.

Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode Guide (Part One)

The first season of Hannah Montana includes 26 episodes and was aired in the 2006-2007 season on Disney Channel. Here is an episode guide of the first five episodes from the first season of the show.

Liar Liar Comedy Movie Review

Jim Carrey plays Fletcher Reede, a lawyer who isn’t allowed to lie for an entire day because of his son’s wish. Reede realizes the hard way that family is far more important than work.

Creative TV Use

It is possible to use the television in a creative and constructive manner. It requires a mind-shift, as the TV must be recognized as a tool rather than a stationary member of the family.

What Is A Movie Budget?

Let me first put the question into perspective by telling you what you are without one. “You are flying blind, unable to navigate, with no hope of avoiding total annihilation.”

Blu-Ray – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Get some valuable information on Blu-ray from one of our staff writers, Martina Rod. If you have considered buying it, check out our info first! Remember, always do your homework before you make a large purchase. Read this article and you get a chance to win a prize!!!

The Rob Zombie Halloween Impression and Review

We’ve has finally had a chance to review the Rob Zombie version of Halloween. Here, you will see what the verdict on the movie and what I thought of it.

Bahamas International Film Festival Lineup

This year, Bahamas International Film Festival is hosted in Nassau, Bahamas from December 1st through December 5th. Film selections from the United States, Poland, Spain, Bahamas, UK, Etheopia and Switzerland will be shown between these dates. Several films from the Bahamas are featured.

Talent Agency – What Do Talent Agents Look For In Actors?

As I’ve heard it explained best, a talent agency is like a store. And that store’s products are it’s talent. Just think of aisles and aisles of interesting looking people instead of shampoos and conditioners. In our case, we’re interested in performers, but not singers, musicians or models. We’re going to zero in on the film industry and actors in particular. So, what do talent agents look for in actors?