My Top Five Favorite Ridley Scott Movies

Compiling a list of the greatest Ridley Scott films of all time is no easy task. For decades, Sir Ridley Scott has been behind the lens of some of the greatest movies to come out of Hollywood.

My Top Five Favorite Mel Gibson Movies Of All Time

Wow, did Mel Gibson mess up a good thing. Why did he have to go throw his career and reputation down the toilet? I grew up on Mel Gibson’s movies, and up until recently, I thought he was the greatest. We now know how he really feels and he will probably never act again. Having said that, the man has starred in some incredible movies.

Fashion Design In Film

In all of the films released in the year 2010, there is evidence of the importance of fashion and costume design. Next time you need inspiration, look to some of these major motion pictures for ideas and visual examples than can unleash your own creativity.

My Top Five Favorite James Cameron Movies

James Cameron is easily one of my favorite directors in Hollywood today. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad James Cameron movie. If he is directing it, you can expect greatness.

Who Is Dr Abigail Tyler?

If you’ve seen the movie, the Fourth Kind, you probably became obsessed with Dr. Abigail Tyler. You had to contact her, and find out more of her story. The truth of the matter may shock you.

Desperately Seeking Amitabh Bachchan

The superstar of the millennium is shining bright, as ever. From hair oil to cricket to politics the name of Amitabh Bachchan has become synonymous with success. Anybody launching anything needs him to succeed.

Deepika Padukone – The Leading Bollywood Actress

There are lots of actresses in bollywood but we know few of them. Deepika Padukone one of them. She is a good actress of the bollywood and famous for her acting in bollywood movies. She acted in many bollywood movies and looking very beautiful.

A Brief Overview Of Zombie Movies

The movie business is a huge, thriving industry. Within that industry are numerous sub-genres, all geared at giving the audience thrills and chills from the comfort of their own home. You will find slasher flicks about knife wielding maniacs, and monster movies like Frankenstein and Dracula.

Shahrukh Khan – How He Became King Khan

Shahrukh Khan studied at St. Columba’s school in New Delhi. He was not particularly good in studies but he was very much involved in extra curricular activities like sports and drama. Shahrukh Khan moved to Mumbai in 1991 to pursue a career in Bollywood.

Documentary “The Cove” Tells of Dolphin Slaughter and Marine Parks

On March 7, 2010 the film “The Cove” was awarded the Oscar for best documentary feature film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The movie tells about a secret cove in Taiji, Japan where dolphins are slaughtered by the thousands each year. Although the killing cove is very real, the impetus behind the slaughter as portrayed in “The Cove” is not. “The Cove” leads the audience away from the real reasons behind the slaughter, depicting a sinister link to marine life parks world-wide.

A List Of My Favorite Steven Spielberg Movies To Date

According to practically every list of best directors ever written, Steven Spielberg is considered one of the greatest. Sure, this is my opinion, but it is also the opinion of many others. Maybe this is why he has been nominated for so many Academy Awards or why his movies tend to do very well at the box office.

‘Raw Meat’ Outfit & Evening Cocktail Dresses

In the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga stunned the world again. The singer was known for her eccentric dress style. And this time she broke through all our imagination of clothes.