The Cape – A New Sensation in the Mid Season

One of the most promising NBC’s new shows to premiere this mid season is The Cape which will cast some of the finest actors to entertain you. Summer Glau, the girl with the fame of Serenity behind her is going to play a specific role which will depict her in a thrilling investigating blogger role who has committed to fight against the corruption of her city. She is not alone in this gruesome war against the evil doers. A new superhero is going to emerge to boost her endeavours to create an honest, corruption free environment. David Lyons, the exciting Australian actor is going to play the lead role Vince Faraday, an honest police cop who will avenge against the fraudulent and corrupt billionaire Chess who frames the cop and leaves him to die after catching him. The new series will again bring the season of superheroes with all the action packed entertaining fanfare.

The Creators Statement on Blue Bloods

As the upcoming television series Blue Bloods is becoming as a conversational topic these days, its creator, Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess are giving their statement on the series. Although they have produced a family crime drama, which was named as The Sopranos, this time they are planning to get into the homes of television viewers with a different story line. Blue Bloods is also a crime and family based drama, which will be broadcasted in CBS from September 24 2010. The cast of the series include well known actor Tom Selleck as well as Donnie Wahlberg. With the help of these characters, Green and Burgess are exploring the dynamics and lives of a multiple generations family, who serves the Police department of the New York City.

The Cape – David Lyons

The honest cop who fall victim to the evil designs of his fellow officers and is left to die. The cop is eventually saved but then the challenge is to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice. Had it ended here it would have been a simple plot but then the script has additional challenges for David Lyons who plays the honest cop and is saved. Once saved he takes on the fellow officers who perpetrated the crime and also has to save his family form any harm. The dramatization of the entire plot is perhaps perfect for Lyons to characterize the honest police officer to its fullest extent.

The Cape Is Way Beyond Any Average Superhero Series

NBC finally revealed the complete pilot episode of The Cape. It’s a fresh series that does not exactly get operated by superheroes. It is a story of a man who got thrust into circumstances by the merciless hands of his fate. The episode got aired at the Comic Con in San Diego over this weekend. The protagonist of the series, Detective Faraday had no intentions of becoming a superhero. However, his reputation gets blemished and he is thought to be dead. The man then is forced to reinvent himself in the favorite superhero of his son to put down an infamous villain.

The Cape First Look From the House of NBC

The Cape has no particular reason to make such a big entry at the NBC, when we judge it by its superhero standards. The series was simply picked up by NBC as any regular TV show. After all the hero of the series does not show any special powers, and moreover is a dishonored cop in a disguise. However, the show does have the grandest of all the girls of Joss Whedon as its female lead -Summer Glau. The show has some of the most fabulous of actors like James Frain. Yes the capability and magic of this series lies as well in these actors who are a part of it.

The Cape Is No Comic Book Hero

The Cape from NBC has a lead director and is according to a lot of review websites the latest attempt from the channel to get their superhero ratings turn gold. This series was successful in snagging the leading man and to add to the astonishment, it is another Aussie on the way to make inroads in Hollywood. The director of this series is definitely a leading prizewinner -Simon West, Con Air and The Human Target famed and has as well been assigned pilot to direct the duties. Even the website called Bleeding Cool has successfully located as well reviewed with the pilot script of the series. They seem to be happy with what they saw, although are not exactly frenzied of it.

TCA – “Blue Bloods” Series

A number of talented actors are cast on the” Blue Blood”, CBS’ new dram series about a family of police officer which comprises conspiratorial ingredients. However, stars Tom Selleck (coming back to the regular television series after a long break) and Donnie Wahlberg starring as Danny Reagan unsurprisingly got the lion’s share of the reporter attention.

The Cape – The Latest Craze Among the TV Viewers

The latest craze among the TV viewers is “The Cape” which is one of the upcoming superhero drama series of America. As a midseason replacement, this show would be aired during the 2010-2011 television season on the NBC. This is in fact, considered to be the first super hero drama series to be aired by NBC. The plot is interesting and the theme of the story shifts away from the conventional shows of today. It is particularly because of this reason that the director expects to gain lot of popularity from the show.

The Cape – The Good Over Evil

The rise and prevalence of good over evil is perhaps the most sought after theme when it comes to making a movie or a television serial. The Cape is no different from the concept of the ultimate prevalence of the good over the evil. The NBC drama series do have super hero and the super hero ultimately prevails over the corrupt and the evil forces of our modern society. It is perhaps human necessity to be assured that ultimately the evil forces will take beating and retreat. In spite of degeneration of the human values still we humans are optimistic about the prevalence of the good over evil.

The Cape of NBC Vs No Ordinary Family of ABC

NBC has finally given out the order to air their superhero drama -The Cape. The story of NBC’s new drama series revolves around a wronged ex-cop named Vince Faraday who was presumed dead after getting framed in a plot for murder and presumed dead. He has taken up the pseudo identity of the favorite comic book superhero of his son and is on a mission to clear his name and save his family. He took the optional life of a masked vigilante not by a choice, but since he was left with no other. The famous TV actor Summer Glau is cast as his sidekick Orwell. Orwell is a fearless reporter of crimes and criminal investigations waiting for someone to take charge of the deteriorating system and change it for good.

The Addams Family

There once was a family that wasn’t so normal. A hand that walks around on all fingers is named Thing. Gomez, the father is beginning to think that his brother is gone forever since he never came home more than ten years ago.

The Cape Steals Quite a Show

Although the first look of The Cape from NBC have a cheesy appearance, but have the potency to turn out as a worthy watch. On a very basic level the character may seem like being a cross between The Spirit, Green Hornet, and Batman along with a bunch of freaks joining forces that depict the Carnival kind. The series as well have the favorite generation co-stars like Summer Glau and Keith David as well to add to the excitement. A look at the sleek trailer can make it feel even more exciting than what may apparently seem to be just an old wine in a new bottle.