In Retrospect: Jackie Brown

Thoughts on why Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 film “Jackie Brown” has floated under the radar for many years. Though it’s not Tarantino’s greatest film, it’s definitely worthy of more acclaim.

Framing “127 Hours” and “The Social Network”

An in-depth analysis of the framing of characters in David Fincher’s “The Social Network” and Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”. Both films are great, but see why I prefer one over the other.

Directors Guild of America (DGA) Nominees: 2011

The DGA announces their five nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2010. These are now your Oscar front-runners.

Ranking the Films of Danny Boyle

British filmmaker Danny Boyle made his debut in 1994 with the dark comedy-thriller “Shallow Grave”, and since then, he’s made his mark as one of the most interesting directors in the business. Normally choosing to work outside the Hollywood system, his daring persona is reflected through his ability to genre-hop and take great risks as a filmmaker. This uniqueness as well as his signature blend of hyperactive camerawork and a prevailing theme of hope gives him an edge that most filmmakers do not possess. The 2008 surprise hit “Slumdog Millionaire” won eight Oscars and earned Boyle the coveted Best Achievement in Directing trophy. His new film “127 Hours” offers no signs of post-Oscar gloating as he continues to push himself and take great risks as a filmmaker, all while sticking true to the things that make his films so unique.

Eagles Soaring to the Superbowl

After several previous attempts at winning a Superbowl, Philadelphia Eagles are in the playoffs trying to reach Superbowl XLV. As they enter the playoffs, they are currently 10-6. Based on the team’s strengths on both offense and defense, they have a shot at winning their first Superbowl victory in franchise history.

Bring the Movies Home: Bring a Fathead Poster Home

Fathead posters have been around for such a long time that they are today part of our culture. The best part about these posters is that there are a few companies that have such a wide variety and number of categories when it comes to genres of these posters.

Little Information On The History Of Television Series

Television has become an integral part of everybody’s life. Even though everyone is aware of its dangers, warned explicitly by the oompa loompas from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But no matter what the warnings were things never really affected people very much and the popularity of the ‘Idiot Box’ was and is still rock solid. Initially the TV was used to show popular movies to the public but all the production houses quickly moved towards the making of TV shows that had a regular viewership. What the production houses realized is that people will watch the same movies over and over only a limited number of times but a serial that has a good storyline can assure a timed viewership everyday.

A History Of Horror Movies Online To Enjoy

Sometimes turning to the net for a film is great idea. If you are looking for horror movies online, you’re going to be in for a thrilling surprise. No matter what your scary desire is, you are bound to find a movie to suit your taste. The internet is slowly but surely becoming the premier destination to watch movies, the reason being the limitless selection. This is definitely the case with regard to to the horror genre.

The Real Von Trapp History – Part 2

The story told in “The Sound of Music” depicts the Captain and Maria’s relationship in a much different setting than what actually occurred. While Captain von Trapp was definitely enthralled with the young governess, Maria herself was clueless for quite some time and had every intention of becoming a nun! Read what actually happened in the months leading up to their wedding!

Russell Hantz’s Whirlwind Survivor Career

When Russell Hantz first appeared on Survivor: Samoa in the fall of 2009, he took the Survivor world by storm. As he burned socks, purposely made his tribemates miserable, and manipulated those around him, he became the biggest villain the show had known since Johnny Fairplay. He is so popular, that he was asked to come back to play in the third season in the past four seasons.

3D Glasses: What Types Are There?

There are four main types of 3D in use today.  Stereoscopic, Pulfrich, Chromadepth, and TV Eyes 3D. Each uses a different aspect of sight, and a different type of glasses, to create 3D images.

The Real Von Trapp History – Part 3

In the classic movie, “The Sound of Music”, the von Trapps flee from Nazi-controlled Austria shortly after the marriage of Georg and Maria. But in all actuality, the Trapp family were happily settled in the outskirts of Salzburg for an entire decade after the Captain and Maria’s wedding. During this time they welcomed two new babies into the family, lost their fortune, and turned their hobby of music into a career. When they received three separate offers from Hitler himself, they had no choice but to flee the country. Miraculously, they escaped only hours before the borders were closed and “climbed every mountain” to safety.