A Time in Casablanca

The movies are all about adventure and imagination and especially deep romantic classics like Casablanca are piece of gold in a treasure chest. The mind conjures up images of an exotic, mystical place like Casablanca – the perfect place for a romantic interlude.

An Entry Point Into an Impressive Career – Become a Movie Extra

Anybody looking for an opportunity to be part of an important movie or TV production can consider starting out as an extra. This could turn out to be a desired entry point into a lucrative career.

Freeview Aerial Installation in Major Countries

In New Zealand, when it comes to freeview aerial installation the question that keeps everyone on edge is “Are you ready?” as of today, the joint venture between the country’s biggest broadcasters has long taken place and their shift to digital broadcasting as well as to freeview aerial installation will basically usher in a new digital television age where every other broadcast station will soon follow.

How to Make Movies on iPhone: A Simplified Tutorial

The article presents a tutorial for making movies using iPhone 4. It highlights the use of the free video editing application, Videolicious.

What to Know About Movie Auditions

Only very few people get to be movie stars overnight, due to some special circumstances or qualities that they have. For most people it takes hard work and very many auditions. Anyone who has the dream of becoming a movie star should be ready to go through many years of struggle.

Getting a Job As a Movie Extra

Not everyone has what it takes to be a movie star; however, everyone can get the chance to be in a movie. Anyone who has watched a movie knows that there are many people in the scenes, appearing to go about their own business. These people are called extras.

Top Funny Life Quotes From Movies

Life can be very stressful. There are several ways on how to deal with stress. Some find it useful to go to the spa or to stroll in malls.

The Lightsaber: A History

The Lightsaber. A Jedi’s most valued weapon. But how did the beam of energy come to life? The secret goes way back before The Jedi Order.

Blaze Of Not-So Glory – “Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance” Is Superior to Its Predecessor

When plans were announced to make the Marvel Comics character “Ghost Rider” (created by Gary Freidrich, Mike Ploog and Roy Thomas) into a film, I was skeptical. When Nicholas Cage was announced to play Johnny Blaze, I became even more so. When the film was finally released in 2007, my skepticism was well justified.

Raising Hope Raises Eyebrows

On a popular FOX TV sitcom, we see our heroine Virginia accompanying a friend who is seeking love-life advice from a “psychic reader.” Virginia observes this crass, loud-mouthed “psychic” palming wads of cash from gullible clients, and believes that she’s stumbled upon the solution to her money problems… but has she? Virginia soon finds out that being a “psychic reader” is a lot more complicated than she imagined.

Roku Channels

Get as much entertainment as you can handle with Roku channels. The Roku media player is one of the most advanced streaming players that can offer you the best in streaming media. Watch movies, TV shows, spots, enjoy music and now games.

Movie Review – The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) (G)

Perhaps I’m just artistically deficient, but I find the look of anime unappealing. It’s not the backgrounds so much as the characters, especially their faces, many of which are drawn according to a fixed iconography that essentially cuts corners in the ways of expression. You see this with their mouths, which may adequately put forth smiles or frowns but consistently fail to suggest the illusion of vowel sounds, which are more complex and therefore more lifelike.