Principal Photography Completed on “Kalpvriksh – The Wish Tree” Directed by Manika Sharma

Director Manika Sharma has completed principal photography on KALPVRIKSH THE WISHING TREE YOUR DREAMS ARE JUST A TOUCH AWAY, starring Shabana Azmi. The film was written by Manika Sharma. Ace Cinematographer Rajeev Jain is the Director of Photography.

Dancehall Queen is the Most Complete Jamaican Movie to Learn Jamaican Patois and Slang With No Guns

If you haven’t seen Dancehall Queen and you want to learn Jamaican Slang, you need to get this movie and fast. Dancehall Queen is easily the most complete movie to learn Jamaican Patois and Slang without the over dominant “badman” theme found in other Jamaican movies. This movie is truly a Jamaican classic and it is fun.

Home Theatre Speakers – Essentials to Consider

If you are planning to invest in a modern home theater system, it is essential that you research and learn all the critical essentials about these modern audio and video devices. It is one major investment that requires careful and thorough evaluation. You must also seek the advice of in-house home theater specialist of electronic appliance stores so that you will be able to properly weigh your options.

The Path to Unlimited Prosperity

Discover the principles that lead to unlimited prosperity. The article relates lessons taken from the movie Young Victoria to business and life in general.

Enchanting Movies Carry on the Tales and Legends of Fairies

Fairies have always added a mystical element to storytelling and today they do the same for movies. Check out this list of old and new fairy films that keep fueling our imaginations and make us keep believing in our hearts.

Bollywood on a Roll As “3 Idiots” Outperforms “Avatar”

Talking about clashes, this one was the mother of all clashes. Can you possibly think any director can be a challenge to James Cameroon? Well, it’s the dawn of the new head named Bollywood. To be more precise, Raju Hirani has done the impossible.

How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill Using Unlimited DVD Rental Services

As the internet continues to progress and broadband become readily available, more and more services are moving to the web. It is not unexpected that home entertainment is also moving in that direction as well. It all started with Netflix. They were the first to offer this type of online rental service. Then Blockbuster joined the market and now you can find several online services.

Securing Financing and Distribution For Your Independent Film

The 2009 blockbuster film Paranormal Activity has aspired many wishful filmmakers into creating their own independent film projects. Exactly how does one secure financing and distribution for their independent low-budget film? This article gives a taste of the steps necessary to finance, produce and distribute an independent film.

7 Tips to Follow When Being Interviewed on Camera

Learn how to make the most of the opportunity when being interviewed on camera. Use video production as a way of connecting with your target audience while effectively and persuasively communicating your message.

Your Own Personal DVD Movie Theatre?

The advantages of watching your DVD and Blu-Ray Disc movies at home rather than going to a theater. The quality of sound on a DVD outweighs the quality of sound in a theater.

The Moral Argument For Marbella Millionaire Society As Presented by Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan in Marbella was unmissable TV and showed many of the reasons why Piers is now one of the rising stars of the medium. During interviews, he has this uncanny quality of piercing the veneer and testing the quality of the material underneath. “How much does it cost to hire you these days?” he asked Max Clifford (I paraphrase but the meaning was the same). And “Have you managed to put your days as the cad who dated Di behind you?” was the cheeky question posed of James Hewitt. Both Hewitt and Clifford are ensconced in Marbella millionaire society and visibly squirmed under the Piers torchlight.

Five Really Disturbing Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Of

I love horror movies. Most of the time, people who love horror movies, really love horror movies. So, when I’m picking out a movie, my sites are for the gore. For a disturbing story that will have me cringing from the torture scenes all the way until the hot girl gets away (or figures out how to kill the villain).