Brothers Who Share the Spotlight – Catch the Baldwins on Satellite TV

In total, there are four Baldwin brothers. And, as fate has it, all are actors. The Baldwin family itself is actually quite large, with a grand sum of seven children-the three sisters, however aren’t in the acting biz. You can catch the blue eyed brothers Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen, on satellite TV.

The Art of Language – Satellite TV Brings World Cultures Closer

As the world becomes smaller and smaller in the sense of our ability to connect with people from all over the world and the integration of immigrants in different countries, the issue of language and communication becomes more pressing. The skill of being bilingual is more coveted than ever and the demand calls for all types of languages from Arabic to Mandarin.

That’s Hot – Celebrating Fashion on Satellite TV

People sitting at home can take in catwalks from New York to Milan by doing nothing more than changing the channel. Using a digital video recorder with their satellite television, interested parties can record their favorite fashion shows and tv programs dedicated to the celebration and study of fashion.

Satellite TV and Books, Education and Entertainment

If you’ve kept your ears open, you will have heard a lot of discussion about the relative merits of reading books versus watching TV. Is television rotting our minds, destroying our children’s education, obliterating our culture?

Indulge Your Nostalgia For the 90’s With Satellite TV

Here’s a little trip down memory lane: a list of the nineties greatest TV hits. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic, just turn on the satellite TV and scan for reruns.

Movies Out of the Blue – Finding Unexpected Favorites on Satellite TV

There’s a lot to love about satellite TV. My favorite thing is stumbling across completely random movies from my past that I had forgotten about or never expected to see again.

What is the Notorious Big Movie All About

You’ve seen the movie trailers. Now you’ll learn more about the Notorious Big Movie.

Coraline – Neil Gaiman’s Contemporary Classic Comes to the Big Screen

A look at the feature film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s children’s novel. Will the book, loved by children and adults alike, make a successful transition to the movies?

Watch Academy Award Winning Films of the 90’s on Satellite TV

The nineties were a promising time. If you’re feeling somewhat nostalgic for a time not so long ago, you could do worse than to immerse yourself in the epoch’s best films. Here, in chronological order, is a list of the decade’s Academy Award winning films. Most of them can be caught any given day in HD on satellite TV; or you can simply rent the HD DVD to get your fill.

All Kids Love Watching Discovery Kids on Satellite TV

Are you tired of coming home to find your kids plunked down in front of the tube, with blank expressions on their face as a result of the mind-numbing garbage they have been watching (for God knows how many hours!)? This is a serious problem that besets many families in the US and throughout the world, and as such, it requires a serious solution.

Mixing Life and Art in Satellite TV and Movies

You know how they say art reflects life, and life reflects art? I’ve been noticing that more and more lately. In fact, in a variety of ways I have been noticing mirror effects with all kinds of images bouncing off one another. It’s like Russian dolls stacked inside one another, except they never get any smaller.

Kate Beckinsale’s Rise to Fame – From Country Mouse to Vampire

Kate Beckinsale, the English actress, has recently been vaunted into the spotlight and it’s not just for her posh British accent. Many of her films can be caught any day on satellite TV-you be the judge. Does this Londoner really have great acting chops? Is she a victim of Hollywood’s quest for fame at any cost?