Sopranos Characters – Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher Moltisanti is, well, a loser. Despite his large ambitions, he is never able to rise above his drug addiction.

Sopranos Characters – AJ Soprano

A. J. Soprano’s character is ultimately made miserable by his father’s attempts to keep him out of the mob, which he reads as not having faith in him. His character is presented as bumbling and naive throughout the course of the show…

Sopranos Characters – Adriana La Cerva

**spoilers** Adriana La Cerva is the girlfriend and later fiancee of the character Christopher Moltisanti on the HBO television program The Sopranos. She appears from the first through the fifth seasons of the show, when she is killed, though she appears in a couple of dream sequences later. Her character is the most important “civilian” to be killed on the show, and she is portrayed as someone who never quite realizes what she has gotten into, and is easily manipulated by the FBI as a result.

Sopranos Characters – Meadow Soprano

Meadow Soprano is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She is deeply suspicious of what her father is doing, but unable to come to terms with his behavior.

The Design of Setting in the Film “Kung Fu Panda”

From the content of this film, we can also see that it possesses a lot of Chinese elements and culture. Therefore, when this film is popular with the world, it makes the meaningful Chinese elements and culture step into the world.

Salt – Spy Thriller

In Salt, directed by Phillip Noyce, Angelina Jolie looks like a Bond girl but moves like Jason Bourne and can wear a rubber mask like Ethan Hunt. She can take a fire extinguisher and turn it into a rocket launcher, jump from one moving truck to another on a freeway, kill dozens of armed men, and walk barefoot on a ledge of a building while holding her small dog in her backpack. That dog is in good hands.

Star Trek Women and Their Roles – A Diverse and Groundbreaking Franchise

The women of Star Trek are fascinating and complex characters that play key roles in all of the series. At all times bold, beautiful, and strong, the women of Star Trek provide a set of characteristics not always found in female portrayals in media.

Sopranos Characters – Carmela Soprano

Carmela Soprano was played by Edie Falco on the HBO cable network show The Sopranos. Primarily, she is a character who is conflicted, but not too conflicted, about her husband’s murderous lifestyle. In the first few seasons, she attempts to ignore what her husband is doing, but as the show goes forward, it becomes clearer and clearer that she is well aware of what he is doing and is unwilling to give up the lifestyle that his criminal life provides.

Sopranos Characters – Tony Soprano

This is the first in a series of articles discussing the various cast members of the HBO television show, The Sopranos. In this article, I discuss Tony Soprano and what makes his character so unique.

Forget the Myth of Low Cost Documentaries Being Low Quality

A low budget documentary can produce the same quality as a high budget film. How, you ask? Simply forget what you have heard about your quality having to suffer due to financial constraints.

The Future Of American Idol

As one of the most popular TV shows in history, American Idol is once again set for some massive changes. With the shows most controversial star, Simon Cowell announcing his departure there are a lot of question marks about the future of the show. As if Simon’s departure was not a big enough shock, Ellen DeGeneres also announced her departure from the show after just one season.

The Chinese Culture in the Film “Kung Fu Panda”

In “Kung Fu Panda”, the directors show the Chinese traditional ethics in this film. We can see that martial ethics, formed in such Chinese cultural environment, which has become a distinct feature of Kung Fu and is the essential part of the study and understanding of Chinese martial arts.