Reflections on “Australian Idol 2008”

I love watching snippets of Australian Idol and other such shows that deal with truth. One of the things that I think these shows bring out is the vast amount of denial in people who get up and obviously can’t sing! My wife said to me, ‘Surely their friends need to be more honest with them before they enter something like this.’

Modern Cinematic Adaptations

These seem to be the times of comic-book and video game big screen adaptations. Leave it to Hollywood to find sources of inspiration for the large number of movies being made every year. Few get the critical acclaim, many get the box-office gross, and some get both. But sadly most disappoint when it comes down to comparison between the raw material and the cinematic product.

Soaring High With High School Musical

Your life would probably mean nothing if you were not in contact with your televisions lately. Disney’s have been creating the wonderful TV movie High School Musical that really catches the attention of the world’s teens.

Mail DVD Rentals – Get Your Favorite DVD Movies Delivered to You Without Leaving Your Home

I love to watch movies very much without those annoying commercial brakes, but unfortunately I am living very remote 30 minutes away from the next DVD Rental Store. So renting a DVD there is not an option for me, as I don’t drive to town the next day to return the DVD.

Famous “Sleepless in Seattle” Houseboat For Sale

When the news hit that the famous “Sleepless in Seattle” houseboat on Seattle’s Lake Union was up for sale, it inspired a closer look at other famous houseboats in movie history. From romance to sheer terror, houseboats have set the perfect mood for Hollywood blockbusters as far back as 1958. Take a look at famous scenes that took place on these magical, floating homes.

How a Television Series Shaped My Life

Television does have an effect. This is not the latest scientific finding, but rather a personal claim. We should avoid focusing only on the negative aspects of TV as has become the norm and really see it for what it is. An experience that shapes, sometimes, a life.

Review on Mr and Mrs Iyer

The film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer is an Indian film written and directed by Aparna Sen in 2002. The story moves around a south Indian women (Tamil girl) from a Brahmin community going to see her husband who is in Calcutta with her little kid in a bus.

Telenovelas Reflect Real Life, Give Us Hope

I love telenovelas. There have been some fantastic ones that are like watching amazing movies, extended over a couple of months. There are a lot of stereotypes that telenovelas are unrealistic and overdramatic, and while it is true that there are a lot of them that are, they’re not all like that.

Emmerdale Farm – Visit the Emmerdale Farm Locations

Visiting the filming locations of the popular ITV night time soap opera Emmerdale is quite an easy task. When the filming of Emmerdale first began in the 1970’s, the small Yorkshire town of Arndale in Littondale were used for the very early title sequences of the show.

The Truth About DVD by Mail Rentals

Yes, you really can rent DVD’s without ever leaving your home by using the internet and a DVD by mail rental service. Services like these can be a convenient and affordable way to get the most from your home entertainment. Learn more about what is available and how these services work to choose the best fit for your households needs.

Hollywood Movies That Are Made From Existing Stories

This article is about the films which have been made from the great literary works of famous writers. This article will help the readers to know about the film versions of their favorite stories, novels and plays.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor was born in Scotland and has starred in various hit movies both in the UK and worldwide. His earlier films such as Trainspotting and Shallow Grave (For which he won an Empire Award) have now become cult classics and he is now classed as one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, with producers queuing up to get him to star in their movies. He is married to a French production designer named Eve Mavrakis and the couple have two biological children together called Clara and Esther and Jamiyan a Mongolian girl whom they adopted in…