The Truth About Media Addiction

We all sit down and watch television, movies and video games. But, how do you know if you are addicted to these mediums and what they are doing to you?

Alan Rickman – The Winter Guest

A haunting film by Alan Rickman set against the wintry backdrop of a small Scottish Village. The story offers small slices of life of the village’s inhabitants, of universal feelings of loneliness, of longing for someone or something to give rescue, of wonder at life’s mysteries, and of loss over the passing years and what could have been.

Beams of Dreams

Before television existed the only place to escape into a world of moving images on a screen was the cinema. Those magnificent, and not so magnificent places, where you can escape the real world for a couple of hours or so. Films were, and still are shown in the cinema by a projector that projects the images by a beam of light.

Full House (1987-1995)

Full House follows Danny Tanner as he tries to raise his three girls after his wife was killed in a car accident. He calls on his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and his best friend Joey Gladstone to help him.

The Secret To Surviving The Quiet Season

A successful producer once told me that the key to surviving this industry is how you handle the time in between gigs. “It’s easy when you’re working; it’s what you do when you’re not working that really counts.” He wasn’t suggesting hiding under the bed with a pint of Cherry Garcia and a vision board and waiting for the phone to ring.

From Stage To Screen: Toning It Down While Keeping It Real

Ah, the stage! The glorious live performance. When you’ve had years of experience on the stage, every cell in your body knows what performing feels like.

Your Craft, Your Career, And How To Make It All Fun Again

I’m assuming you didn’t get into acting to be famous (because let’s face it; if you want to be famous, there are plenty of easier ways to do that, from eating bugs and shooting your nuts off to making a sex tape or denying marriage licenses to gay folks). You got into acting because you love the craft and you hope to make a living doing it. What you didn’t know was that craft and career are two different things.

Acting: How To Break Through An Emotional Block

You have an audition for the role of a drug addict or someone who is suicidal. Or maybe the character is struggling over the loss of a parent or child. Or they are trying to escape an abusive household or dealing with PTSD.

Why Actors Should Stop Planning

Allison leaves an audition and pumps her fist. “I nailed it! I did everything I wanted to; laughed at the exact right moment, gave them that sarcastic look, put my hand on my hip.

From Torture To Playpen: What To Do In The Casting Director’s Lobby

A million years ago, I went to my first callback. I was so excited, I did a little victory dance in my tiny apartment. “Clearly,” my naive mind told me, “this is just a formality; I’ve really booked the role!

The Art Of Listening And Being Present

“You have to listen better,” your acting teacher says. So you really look at the other person, laser focus on them and say to yourself, “Listen..

Acting As A Spa Day

You’re having a crappy day. Or a crappy week. Maybe even a crappy month.