John Inman – Are You Being Served?

I would venture to say that anybody who has watched public television over the past 37 years has seen at least one episode of “Are You Being Served?” And anybody who has seen even a few minutes of that marvelous series cannot help but to have noticed John Inman at work.

Watch John Waters’ 5 Best Films With Satellite TV

If there is anyone who has changed the world of what’s acceptable in movies, it’s definitely one man from Baltimore. As a director, John Waters has managed to do the unthinkable: he has inspired a truly rabid cult following of art-lovers and outsiders, while managing to create pieces of work that were turned into Broadway musicals and include songs popular at slumber parties.

Movie-Lovers and Satellite TV – A Better Combo Than Cable

Sure, a lot of people spend their time in front of their television sets actually watching shows. Whether it’s the latest sports game that everyone can’t stop talking about at work or the season finale of the edgiest show from HBO, there is a lot on television to grab your attention. Someone with a bit too much spare time–or no spare time at all–could quickly find themselves captivated by a comedy or something else, and it’s worth paying attention to the fact that it is never a good idea to start watching a marathon for a show you like a little bit, especially if there’s somewhere that you might need to be in a couple of hours.

Mentorship Programs in Film Schools

It is well known that Oklahoma is a far cry from the film capital of the planet. However it’s also an undisputable fact that Oklahoma is the home of a few specific film makers with the likes of “Rain Man”, and “The Outsiders” by Francis Ford Coppola. Students who enroll in Oklahoma films schools have the opportunity to learn movie production from many of the greatest motion picture teachers in the southern regions of the United States.

Broaden Your Horizons With Today’s TV Choice

Gone are the days when there were only one or two channels to choose from, these days the choice is astounding and viewers can find everything from real life drama to fantastical tales at a touch of a button. When TV first started making its way into people’s homes, choice was limited and couldn’t always cater to individual taste. Now that the technology behind TV broadcasting has advanced massively, it’s a whole different ball game.

The 5 Best Baseball Movies of All Time – Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Baseballs are great. Movies are great. Therefore, baseball movies should be possible, because the universe surely cannot handle that much awesomeness.

The History of the Vampire in Movies

From Nosferatu to Twilight, vampires have been an important part of movies. In this article, I discuss the various incarnations of the vampire over the last century and consider where they will go from here.

Video Production Editing – How to Find Work Opportunities in Video Production Editing

There are lots of video production editing jobs on the market, but you might have trouble finding them. This is because most studios and TV stations offer these jobs to folks that already work there in a position as an assistant. You may discover that video production editing jobs in movies are fairly hard to find as industry professionals have a tendency to use the people that have been in the trade for a long period of time. Here are some suggestions that you could use to search out jobs in this field.

History of TV Watching and the Remote Control

Hailing from the deep 1970s, I well recall the first ever remote control television and just what a whole new area of wonder and joy it was, around at my then-friends house. As I remember the friend in question was into the one up manship game, ours is better than yours, etc etc. I just had to come and see their big new remote controlled television, a 30 inch set that back in 1973 cost a small fortune.

Top 3 Best Girls of Indian Reality TV Show

India is a land of opportunity to anyone who can provide quality entertainment. Having said that, the reality shows in India is in its highest activity state. Let’s get down to the entertainment industry and find out who happens to be the most envied reality TV show girl.

Give’Em Hell Malone

Give’Em Hell Malone plays out like a step-cousin of Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City. Both movies feature film noir characters, fedora hats, femmes fatale, old cars, menacing hitmen, and at the same time e-mail and cellphones. Of the two, Sin City is more visually creative and has a stronger story, but Malone is fun too if you like the genre.

The Drive-In – Family Night Out Meets History

If you grew up in an earlier era, your family spent a lot of time at the drive-in. If you were a teenager, say in the 50s through 70s, this was your excuse to spend some quality time with your significant other discussing current events and viewing the latest horror flick. Need a quick history lesson? Read on, viewer, read on.