Did Paris Hilton Have A Spiritual Awakening?

A controversial perspective on Paris Hilton’s supposed “spiritual awakening” as told to Barbara Walters after Paris was sent back to jail.

The Best Comedies to Put On Your Ipod

The technology of a video Ipod speaks to the television lover in all of us: since its invention, it’s quite easy to never miss out on the antics of your favorite fictitious characters. As we enjoy a world without commercials, and one where we can easily rewind to see if the characters of South Park actually said what we thought they said, it becomes quite commonplace to know that I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ipod.

Tintin Is Europe’s Best Loved Cartoon Character

The Tintin movie is scheduled for release in 2009. Tintin comics and books sales have soared over the 200 million mark. The Belgium boy detective is going to be even more popular when the Tintin movie comes out.

Movie Download Services

If you love movies and anything film-related, a great choice may be to use movie download services. Are they legit and what can you expect?

FAQ – What Is The Ligne Calire Style Developed By Herge For Tintin?

Tintin has evolved into a very unique style that was created by the illustrator Herge. This style influenced the likes of Andy Warhol. Discover ligne claire style in this article.

Toms Hanks For Captain Haddock In New Tintin Movie Trilogy

Tom Hanks the winner of two Oscars is set to play Captain Haddock in the new Tintin movie set for release in 2009. This will prove to be one of the biggest films of the summer with both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson on board.

Tintin And The Broken Ear An Introduction To Tintin

The Tintin movie set for release in 2009 will bring Tintin back to the fore. This article describes one of his classic adventures and give an insight into the world of Tintin.

Obsession and Desire in Film Noir

What makes a good film noir romance? And how is it different from, say, a romantic comedy or romantic drama? The difference in classic film noir lies partially in the universe which the characters inhabit. Our protagonist is usually overcome with an obsessive and/or fatalistic desire.

FAQ – Who Is Tintin The Belgian Boy Detective?

Tintin is well known in France, where at least four in ten household own a Tintin book or album. Tintin is unknown in America due to the fact that he was introduced to the world three months after Mickey Mouse. With the Tintin movie scheduled for release in 2009 why not find out more about him. This article gives a quick introduction to the Belgian boy detective.

How to Sell a Reality Show to Hollywood

It’s possible to sell your idea for a reality show to Hollywood even if you’re an outsider with no contacts or experience. All you need to know is how the system works.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

This is proving to be a dramatic season on Fox. With Chef Ramsay really working himself into a lather over the batch of wannabe chefs vying for the grand prize, there are challenges around every corner. This week we had a whole slew of interesting events, here’s a recap.

Salient Points About Internet Television Software You Must Know

You will enjoy satellite television pictures and sound better with a broadband internet connection when using internet television software to watch free TV on your PC or Laptop. Note that free Internet television refers to watching satellite television on your PC free of charge. However, there are no reliable free internet television providers on the Internet without paid software for watching satellite TV on your PC.