The Challenges of Getting Hired As a Soap Opera Director

Christopher Goutman began his directing career by simply asking Executive Producer Nick Nicholson (Edge of Night) for a shot. He explains why things are more difficult for emerging directors to get hired for that dream job now.

How Does a Soap Opera Executive Producer Choose Actors?

How does a soap opera executive producer choose actors? Christopher Goutman gives tips on how young actors can get a job in television by using confidence and simplicity in their auditions.

Christopher Goutman: What It’s Really Like to Be a Soap Opera Executive Producer

What does a soap opera executive producer do? Executive Producer Christopher Goutman talks about what went into producing the soap operas, “Another World” and “As the World Turns.”

Danny Boyle’s Top Five Greatest Movies

This article will discuss the films and career of the incredibly talented director, Danny Boyle. For almost 20 years, Boyle has been behind the helm of some fantastic movies, spanning across a multitude of genres. From dramas, to horror, to science fiction, Boyle is clearly willing to take on any type of film, as long as he thinks he can make it work.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Walt Disney’s Tangled

The Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA, recently hosted a press event for their upcoming movie, TANGLED. Having been around the name “Disney” from such an early age and having so much of it influence my life to this day, it was truly an honor and an experience of a lifetime to attend a behind the scenes look at Disney’s new animated film.

Manga And Anime – Then To Now

If you really want to understand anime, you have to understand manga. Really understanding manga means you need to know a little about where it came from. It’s also fun to know why things today look like they do.

Jim Carrey at His Funniest in These Three Comedies

For those of you looking for a silly comedy to see you can go to the master, Jim Carrey, for guidance. Jim Carrey continues to make audiences roar today just as he did when he started in the early 80s. This article details his top three most hilarious movies.

Get Vintage-Blockbuster Movie Posters Or Make Yourself the Star in Your Own

For some people, tapestries on the wall are a little too ornate and paintings, a little too poised. This may have something to do with their preferences, or the color of their wall, or the design of their wall paper. In most instances, their quandary is easily resolved by selecting movie posters to liven the room with. Therefore, movie posters are becoming very effective nowadays to bring life to a particular room.

The Boys Who Wanted to Be Roy Rogers

If you’re over 30, make that 50, take a little trip back with me to that time in childhood when there was nothing more important to us than our TV idols. We wanted to be just like them. And sometimes nothing less would do. But before I get to that story, some background on a man who was a hero to many. Sadly, he is no longer with us.

Bruce Willis As a Celebrity

Bruce Willis has always been a hell-raiser of sorts from his childhood and it seems he has remained true to his reputation throughout his career. His life has been fodder for the gossip columns for a long time.

YouTube Helped Aaron Johnson Land John Lennon Role

After making a splash as the nerdy wannabe superhero in the cult hit film Kick Ass, Aaron Johnson once again has tongues wagging in Hollywood for his portrayal of John Lennon in NOWHERE BOY. CineMovie sat down with the sexy star of NOWHERE BOY to talk about the difficulties in playing the famous Beatle, why he stays away from characters close to his own personality, and how You Tube helped get him the role.

Eight Great Non-Scary Ghost Movies

In the cinematic world we automatically think of ghosts as scary deformed ghouls. But what about the non-scary spirits? Movies with fun loving, helpful ghosts and with good intentions. These are eight of my favorite comedy horror ghost movies.