The Greatest Brad Pitt Movies

A River Runs Through It A beautiful movie that takes place in Montana where the hills and trees are sprawling. Great acting all the way around and great directing by Robert Redford. 12 Monkeys A staple with sci-fi fans, 12 Monkeys has a twisted plot that can be easy to lose track of.

Best Harrison Ford Movies

Here’s my list of the Best Harrison Ford Movies. He has been in so many over the last few decades, but here is my take on the Best Harrison Ford Movies: American Graffiti A classic slice of life of teenagers in 1962. American Graffiti seemed to capture the true feeling of kids enjoying the last day of freedom before heading out to college.

5 Children’s Films That You All Can Enjoy

It’s inevitable that each year as the winter hits, parents everywhere will struggle for activities to engage in with their children. Cold, damp and snowy weather can make outdoor activities difficult and often just not feasible, so what are your other alternatives? One great way to keep your little ones entertained is by investing in some family movies that you can all enjoy.

Should You Update Your Movie Catalog?

Your movie collection might be a source of pride for you. While your movies might not be your entire life, when you rely on them for entertainment, you do want to make sure that your collection is as strong as possible. Many people debate whether you should update your movie catalog or not. After all, if you like the movies you already own, why add more? Or, conversely, when you want to learn more about moviemaking or watch actors develop, why not add more and more movies to your collection? This movie catalog debate may never end. What side are you on?

Five Reasons You Need a Movie Organizer

Organization might seem to be the latest trend, but it’s essential in your life when you have a lot of things to do and tasks to accomplish. When you organize your stuff, you can find what you need when you need it, cutting down on wasted time and energy. A movie organizer is a great way to begin this process of cleaning up and de-cluttering. Here are five reasons you need a movie organizer in your life today.

Bringing Life to One of the Greatest Historical Romance Novels – Pride and Prejudice

How do you adapt such a novel as Pride and Prejudice for screen viewing? How do you bring the characters to life, staying faithful to their original depiction or giving the audience a new slant? There are many elements of an adaptation that influence the desired outcome; cast, performance, script, sets and costumes. In the end, the level of enjoyment is also an acquired taste, what one person perceives as great entertainment may displease the expectations of others.

Justin Timberlake – Renaissance Man

Whenever someone mentions Justin Timberlake one has to wonder if they are referring to Justin the singer, the actor, the clothing designer, the producer, the writer, the golfer or perhaps they are referring to Justin the philanthropist. Justin wears many, many hats and as we all know, he wears them very well. So just what has this multi-faceted young man been up to lately?

Get Movie Contracts Signed Before Filming One Scene

I have been receiving emails from visitors to the Slice Of Americana Films blog asking how movie contracts work and what they need to say. I never take for granted what I have learned about movie contracts over the years.

Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Here are the Best Comedy Movies of All Time! This is my own list I have built over the years, yours may differ, but I believe these are the best comedy movies of all time.

Ben Affleck Returns As Actor, Director, and Writer

Let’s be completely honest, here. Ben Affleck hasn’t always made the best choices when it comes to his film projects.

The Hills: An End to a Generation’s Youth

It was a time of self obsession, vanity, and excess. I don’t believe it has necessarily died down, but I think the heat of the moment has begun to simmer.

Best HBO Shows

Here is my list for the Best HBO Shows. I have to say that True Blood is my favorite, just can’t seem to get enough. So here is the list of the best HBO shows: