Top 3 Adventure Movies You Should See

Watching a great adventure movie can be the cure for just about anything. With tremendous action scenes and numerous amazing graphics, adventure movies are among some of the biggest box-office hits year in and year out.

Top 3 Action Movies You Should See

When thinking about action movies, there are always plenty on the table. Some action flicks, however, far outshine others.

10 To Midnight Movie Review

10 to Midnight Movie is an action-crime-thriller directed by J. Lee Thompson and it came out in 1983 in the theatres. The film stars Charles Bronson as the lead character Lt. Leo Kessler who is a cop. The film’s rather nasty bad guy Warren Stacy played by Gene Davis is based on some real life serial killers like Ted Bundy and Richard Speck.

The 3 Best Action Heroes of All Time

This article is about best action figures of all time. For every silly action figure there is an incredibly awesome action figure. For every awesome action figure there is a silly-awesome action figure that is so bewildering that you can’t help but love it. So be prepared to read it.

The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 1 Recap: That’s All You Got?

True confession: I love The Bachelor TV series. However, I don’t love it like most people love it. I love to hate it. And I don’t love to hate it in the ironic hipster way, I just like to watch it and look for flaws in all the people on this show. I blame it on the MA in counseling that I have. Others may blame it on too much time on my hands or heart made out of ice. Either way I think I am entertaining.

The Great Gatsby and His Mediocre Friends: A Movie Review

I should start off by being completely honest. I hate the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I hate the characters. I hate the storyline. I hate the parties. I hate the interpretation most people walk away with. I hate the whole lot of them. Just hate it, which I think is why I love it.

Frances Ha Movie Review

Greta Gerwig stars in “Frances Ha,” an awkward comedy about a young dancer trying to make it on her own in New York without money or connections. Her search for stability leads her to many different people and places.

Movie Review of ‘Mud’

To anyone who knows me personally, it’s no big secret that I am a fan of all things Matthew McConaughey. Even if a large mob of people stood outside a movie theater holding a banner that read “Matthew McConaughey’s new movie is just AWFUL” I’d still go see it-it’s called ‘devotion.’ But when I started hearing buzz that this is one of his finest performances ever, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

KON-TIKI, A New Film Review

a tremendous movie showing how stubbornness and bravery often result in near miraculous accomplishments against the opinions of specialists. I was impressed with the entire presentation of the film from the scenery to the calm portrayal of the strong characters. I’d call it a must-see movie.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

A smart Pakistani– fresh from Princeton gets a –gets a high powered job on Wall Street just before 911 starts people thinking he might also be a terrorist; and this wide spread suspicion drives him back to Lahore to become a politicized professor fomenting students to rebellion. I found the film quite concocted.

On the Overseas Box-Office Success of “Iron Man 3”

It would appear there is an entire world that lies just outside of the borders of the United States of America. In these far-off foreign lands-state code: FN-American movies will often find their most enthusiastic market. As far as that market is concerned right now, things could not possibly be going better for Marvel and its partner, Disney.

A Biography of the Chameleon-Like Actress Toni Collette

Toni Collette is an Australian actress who is best known for her roles in “Sixth Sense” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” She is also the lead vocalist of the Australian indie band Toni Collette & the Finish. Collette was born in a suburban town in Sydney, Australia.