The Best Medical TV Shows

There are several great shows about medicine. Here are just a few.

Movies Starring Plants

There are some movies out there that no matter the plot line, plants seem to steal the show. Here are some movies where plants have a starring role.

How to Generate Movie Ideas?

Making a movie is always an awesome experience, as it provides a wholesome experience regarding various aspects of life, society, family, love as well as of the entire world. To create or generate original ideas for a movie is a very challenging task. It requires lot of brainstorming sessions and rigorous researches. A story writer or a screen-play writer has to go through a long process. To cultivate or develop a fresh idea that does not assimilate with any one’s work requires original thinking, interests in diverse fields and an endeavor to present it in a simple yet impressive style.

Venice on the Silver Screen

Venice has long been a fertile field of inspiration for many of the world’s finest film-makers and writers. From Shakespeare to the James Bond films, the mystical floating city, with its winding alleyways, gothic architecture, beautiful artwork and silky canals, has captured the artist’s imagination like no other city on earth. For starters, just ask the driver of any Venice airport transport, about the tales of various novelists and auteurs in the city. Their journeys throughout the city, both physically and psychologically, have gone down in folklore, leaving, for those interested in film and literature, an interesting array of places to visit.

Movie Review: The Three Stooges (2012)

Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes, and Will Sasso do an outstanding job imitating the most famous grouping of The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard, respectively). Their mannerisms, voices, and acting are sensationally accurate – even their physical features are surprisingly close. If this weren’t a movie, they’d certainly make a striking Vegas show.

Movies As a Major Art Form

The world of art has evolved over time. Do movies deserve to be referred to as the highest art form?

Review of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Leslie Vernon is a mythic serial killer in the making. Hoping to join the ranks of Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers, Leslie gives full access of his planning and eventual night of mayhem to a trio of documentary filmmakers.

Horror Web Shows Are Scaring Up the Internet

As YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu continue to raise the bar for online entertainment focusing on quality web shows, the horror genre seems to have tagged along for the ride. AMC featured Everything Dies, their web version of their wildly popular TV series The Walking Dead during Season 2. Fearnet has continued to grow their fan base offering various horror web series on their website.

Letters to Juliet: Book and Movie

The book Letters to Juliet was published in 2006. The movie opened in 2010, a romantic comedy with Amanda Seyfried. It tells the story of letters sent to Shakespeare’s Juliet, asking for romantic advice. The film is set in Verona, Italy and is filled with beautiful settings of an ancient Italian city and the quirky people who live there.

New LG TV Review – Still Looking For The Ultimate TV

If you find yourself Surfing the web for hours and hours trying to find the perfect TV, there is a popular brand on the market that has taken the United States and countries around the world by storm. With a little research you will find the perfect TV that will suite your needs.

The Cold Read

If you’re thinking of attending or are currently attending acting school, one thing you should be aware of when you begin the audition process is the possibility of doing a cold read. The cold read is where you audition for a part and are given a script with no real time to familiarize yourself with the lines. You basically get no more than a minute to get a grasp of what the part entails and it can be quite scary.

Royalty Free and Rights Managed Footage – Understanding the Differences

It’s good to fully understand the differences between Royalty Free and Rights Managed Footage before you decide which to use in your production. If you are planning to use stock footage for your college film, sales presentation, press campaign or any other production, it’s essential to know about the two options of Royalty Free and Rights Managed footage. Understanding the different licences involved will help you to make the right decision as to which type of stock footage best suits your needs.