The Rebirth of the Video Jockey: Viral Videos and Comedy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you’ll know this stark truth: the ‘M’ in MTV does not mean music anymore. Because of a change in public perception, music video are no longer an acceptable format to run between advertisements.

From Stanford to Shanghai, Filmmaker Michael Ouyang Talks China and Movies

Filmmaker and TV producer Michael Ouyang arrived in Shanghai over seven years ago, while on a mission to complete his PhD dissertation on Chinese literature at Stanford. Shortly thereafter he made the momentous decision to stay on, while exploring options in movie production. Utilizing his native, bilingual talents as an American-born Chinese, Ouyang sought and found opportunities in Chinese co-productions.

This Dream Home Is To Die For

Dream Home is a brutal neo-slasher film from China. Growing up as a child in the slums, Cheng Lai-Shun learned to put a premium on space.

What is It With Our Celebrities and Their Socialism Motif?

Most of my acquaintances agree that the tabloids, magazines, TV shows, videos, and articles on celebrities hold little if any intellectual value, it’s all just entertainment, well, if that’s what floats your cruise ship, or not. Okay so, the other day I was discussing this with a fellow intellectual thinker, and he said it’s getting to be too much, and that all this nonsense was just making people stupid; “turning them into mental zombies” I guess was his comment. Indeed, so let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

Geeks Take Over The World With The Big Bang Theory

Geeks unite. A TV review of The Big Bang Theory.

Movie Review: Haywire (2012)

We’ve seen actresses like Angelina Jolie embody the tough-as-nails, ass-kicking spy in “Salt” and Scarlett Johannson don the Black Widow’s garb and dish out her fair share of martial arts mayhem in Iron Man 2. Oftentimes seeing women like this in methodically staged fights requires a more strained suspension of disbelief. With Haywire, we finally find an action film with the novel idea of actually casting a believable actress to portray its former marine-turned contract killer heroine.

What It Was Like To Work On Days Of Our Lives

I worked on the NBC Soap Days Of Our Lives for just over seven years. Here, I share my experience.

Unusual Facts About Inspector Morse

If you’re a huge fan of Inspector Morse you may be interested in some of these unusual facts I have put together for this article. Colin Dexter who is the author of the novels which Inspector Morse is based on, has actually made several appearances in the TV show. Quite often he can be seen as a drinker in a pub but Colin also played a camero role as a tramp.

Walking the Plank: Strange Fictions and Stranger Truths in Pirates of the Caribbean

An in-depth analysis of the historical accuracy in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Do the films get more wrong than right?

Unusual Facts About Midsomer Murders

If you’re a huge fan of Midsomer Murders you may be interested in some of these fascinating facts I have put together for this article. First up, did you know the original title for the series was going to be called Barnaby. The scriptwriter Anthony Horowitz came up with the name Midsomer Murders which we all know the series by.

Portmanteau Horror Movies

Why do we love portmanteau horror movies so much? I refer to those anthology films which always have three or four different stories framed by a main storyline.

Movie Review – Beauty and the Beast 3D (2012) (G)

Even after the passage of just over twenty years, Beauty and the Beast remains one of the best animated films Disney has ever made. I knew this even before attending this rerelease, which, following the tremendous success of The Lion King 3D last fall, has been given the 3D treatment. But there was something about seeing it once again on the big screen that brought it home for me. Perhaps it was looking at the picture in a format larger than a television set for the first time in years. Or perhaps it was hearing the music emanating from a source other than my TV speakers or a set of earphones.