Reliving Our Youth

Though spring may have barely sprung in some parts of the country, schoolchildren everywhere already have the summer sun in their sight-line, ready to toss aside their textbooks and dioramas and Number 2 pencils for the dewy grass and sparkling lakes that only a summer camp can provide. Haven’t already picked the one that’s right for you yet or just want to get a jump start on the seasonal spirit? I say it’s never too early to check out some summer entertainment.

Corbin Bleu 101 (An Uncool Dad Learns About Corbin Bleu)

After awarding a Corbin Bleu based fansite my entertainment site of the year, I had to be schooled on who Corbin Bleu was! Corbin Bleu is an actor, singer and dancer best known for his roles in Disney’s High School Musical movies. Hey, I haven’t watched Disney in years! Now I like the guy!

10000 BC Review

10000 BC looks fantastic. I wonder if it is?

Trinity Broadcasting Network Holds Out Challenge to Aspiring Producers

If you’re like most of us you can barely hold your digital camera from shaking as you take a snapshot. If you are one of those people who can put together the ideas and the technology or if you know someone who can; TBN wants to take a look at your stuff.

Productivity Profiles – The Actor

Today I heard about the death of Charlton Heston. In his biography I read that he became political active and that he was the president of the National Rifle Association…

Action Movies – The Best Way To Relieve Your Stress

There are various matters in our life that always keep us busy with lots of tensions and strain. Watching movies can be a perfect stress buster for your life; however, the action movies are highly capable in setting you out from all tensions and worries.

The Future of Blu-ray

Blu-ray Media is slowly becoming the must have technology for high definition entertainment. If you are after making your movie collection artwork lasting, then DVD Blu-Ray media disc is the right one for you. Blu-ray Disc The DVD Blu-ray disc is an optical disc storage media format, which is developed and promoted by the Blur-ray Disc Association (a group of companies that represent computer hardware, consumer electronics, and motion picture production).

Review Of Pixar Film “CARS”

Disney and Pixar are famous for quality children films the like of Toy story, Monsters Inc and Ratatouille. Present with the same great quality is the film “CARS”. Having a toddler means I have had the opportunity to watch this film like a million times so I feel I can adequately give it a review, hopefully with having the flashbacks return.

Are Online DVD Rental Services A Good Value for Your Money

By now, if you are online much at all, you have seen the ads for online DVD rental services. Perhaps you were wondering if it really is a good deal or not. To make it short, the answer is a definite “Maybe.”

Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2008

An article discussing the most anticipated superhero movies of 2008: “Iron Man”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Incredible Hulk”. Includes brief synopses as well as musings on these upcoming flicks.

BattleStar Galactica is More than Science Fiction

Battlestar Galactica is superb science fiction, but it tackles real issues such as civil liberties in time of war, combating terrorism, and torture. This article provides a brief overview of the series and then examines how it deals with the complex issues of our society.

Why Lost Is The Best TV Show To Watch With Your Teens

Lost is the type of television show that requires discussion. It is great for families because it is not a show that you just sit and watch and leave when it ends.