Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: An Action Sitcom

The misadventures of Sheriff Lobo is an American action sitcom which is aired from 1979 to 1981 on NBC. It was renamed as Lobo for its second season and aired on Tuesday nights, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.

Mission Impossible: Aired On CBS Network

Mission Impossible is an American TV Series which aired from September 1966 to March 1973 on the CBS network, and later returned to TV for two seasons, as a renewal, from 1988 to 1990 on ABC. It’s a series which was created and produced by Bruce Geller.

The Mod Squad: An American TV Series

The Mod Squad is an American television legal drama, that originally aired from September 24, 1968 to August 23, 1973 on ABC. The show remained popular during its initial run of five seasons and 123 episodes.

Moesha: An American Sitcom Series

Moesha, an American sitcom series that was first performed on the UPN network from January 23, 1996 and lasted till May 14, 2001 i.e. it was telecasted for the duration of 5 years. The story of Moesha was written by the writing team of Sara V, and Raplh Farquhar was the creator of this series. All the settings of the show was made by Mitchell household and the teen hang-out, The Den.

The Power of Personal Movie Reviews

A lot of people claim that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, but movies are really America’s favorite pastime. Consider this, if you go to a dinner party and there are several individuals there in regards to age, sex, and race, do you think everyone at that party is going to have the same interests?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Mary Tyler Moore Show, an American TV sitcom series which is aired on CBS Network from 1970 to 1977. The Mary Tyler Moore series is also mentioned as one of the most acclaimed television programs ever produced in the history of US television. It is the shows which is admired from opponent and continues to be praised long after the final episode aired.

10 Shows That Changed Television

I guess there is an official list of the ten shows that changed television. Here is my list which seems to be loaded with comedy shows. Well, there are others.

Hollywood Loves Men In Uniforms

For as long as movies have been made, many of the greatest stories that have been told have revolved around a character in uniform. Perhaps because like a costume, it stands out from a crowd, but a uniform can also evoke emotions, good and bad, by what it represents.

Satellite TV Brings You Quality Programming For Kids

As a parent, it may occasionally be hard to find kids programming that meets your standards. Clearly, you will want to avoid programming that is excessively violent or trashy. Also, it would be great if there were at least some educational component within the show in question. While network television is lagging far behind when it comes to being able to provide this type of programming, satellite TV is excelling.

Casting Calls – What To Do

A casting call has come your way, and you finally get your first chance. Or maybe it’s another chance to get that role or get that part and say goodbye to the life of wishing and wanting to be an actor. This next opportunity could be the moment that changes your life forever. You can already start to imagine what you will say to those friends at school or family members that thought you would never make it.

Reality Show Casting Calls – Tips and Advice

Okay, so you have made the decision to go to the casting for a Reality Show. Either your friends convinced you to go the casting call. Or maybe your family coerced you that you would be perfect for a reality show audition. Or maybe you have just decided on your own that it’s something you want to do. It doesn’t matter why you decided that you wanted to audition for your favorite reality show. Here are some tips and advice!

Reality Show Auditions – Getting to The Next Level

You have finally landed your reality show audition. You really want to get onto this show. Maybe it’s your all time favorite reality show! You are going to want to shine and stand out to the audition directors. If it’s an open casting call, it can even be more tough to get seen. Here are some tips to get to the next level!