Most Intriguing Vampire Myth – Dracula 2000

There’s an overwhelming amount of films about Dracula out there. As I’m reflecting on all the films I’ve seen thus far, most of them are pretty mediocre. I know when most people consider a Dracula film, the first title that usually pops in their head is Francis Ford Coppola’s interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Recipe For a Box Office Smash Hit

It should be no surprise that positive publicity can help determine the success of a business venture. Yet in no industry is it more critical than in the film industry.

Jack Satin As the Lead Character in a 2010 Movie Called Satin

Jack Satin is the lead character in an upcoming 2010 movie called Satin. According to the movie’s website, the movie chronicles the experience of Jack Satin, a down-and-out lounge singer. In the movie, Satin attempts to flee his gambling debts in Las Vegas by traveling across the country to Atlantic City.

Twilight New Moon Movie

Twilight New Moon is the sequel to the Twilight movie. This movie will be in the movie theater soon. If you are a Twilight fan you are looking forward to find out how the New Moon book compares to the Twilight New Moon Movie.

Twilight – Bella and Edward

I am a big fan of Stephenie Meyer’s series, Twilight. Bella and Edward had great chemistry. It was so strong that it came through the pages while I was reading it. The first movie, Twilight, was a little disappointing for me. After building up a picture in my mind from the book, I thought the movie was a let-down in some ways.

Gossip Girl Episode 6 – Enough About Eve

Hey Gossip Girl fans, am I the only one that actually misses it? I miss the blasts that shake things up at the most inopportune moments. The occasional witty remarks are great, but I like to have the complete package when I watch Gossip Girl.

A Glance Into “The Fourth Kind”

The clip for the chilling alien abduction suspenseful story “The Fourth Kind”, which premiers in theaters Nov. 6, bears an instant stamp of authenticity: A straight-faced Milla Jovovich strolls toward the camera while identifying herself as the actress portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler, the movie’s heroine. In succeeding quick-cut scenes, several of which look like home video footage, Jovovich interrogates frightened patients, all of whom recount similarly ominous extraterrestrial encounters.

Castle, an Amusing and Fun Detective Drama on ABC

One of my favorite new programs that started last Spring is a crime series called Castle. The program is on every Monday night on ABC and runs for one hour from ten to eleven pm EST. The show is a comedic drama that is based on a famous mystery writer, Rick Castle, who helps the New York Police Department homicide squad solve crimes. It profiles his work life as well as a bit of his personal life and brings the two together.

Trauma, a Great Medical Show on NBC

Trauma is a new television show which airs on NBC, Monday nights at 9:00pm. Several episodes have aired already and the series is getting a lot of fans hooked. Many prior fans of ER, also on NBC, are looking to Trauma as a viable replacement, since ER ended its long successful run recently. There are a number of other medical-related programs that Trauma competes with such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, House and Mercy, many of which are already very popular with audiences.

Is it the Last Tango For Strictly Come Dancing?

Autumn 2009 sees the start of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing on British television, but could, or should, this series be the last..? In 6 years the show has been a phenomenal success, breeding the equally successful Dancing With The Stars in the USA and other countries too. It is a mixture of live tension, and showbiz, making it a show suitable for all the family. Throw in the public getting to vote for their favourites, and you have a winning formula.

Tips For Streamlining Your Movie Collection

It’s easier than ever to collect movies now that films have gone the way of music. But when you begin to amass a large movie collection, things can begin to get out of hand. Not only will your computer be filled to its maximum, making every other program load slowly, but you will also begin to ‘misplace’ the movies you own, making them useless. Here are some basic tips to help you streamline your movie collection before things get out of control.

How a Movie Collector Keeps Their Movies in Pristine Condition

Movies can go beyond just providing a few hours of entertainment for you, your friends, and your family. In fact, many people who deem themselves movie collectors will tell you that collecting movies has become all the more important these days. When movies are becoming invisible digital files, the role of a movie collector is all the more valuable. By taking care of movies, both on DVDs and on tape, movie collections can stand the test of time – and perhaps even become a valuable investment.