Paul Newman – An Immortal Goes to His Reward

One of the truly great ones has passed on.  His like does not come around very often.  There’s a lot to admire about about Paul Newman, not the least of it being his craftsmanship.

House Season 4 DVD Available Now

I think this show just keeps getting better. What can I say I love this mans wicked sense of humor.

Enjoying Your Favorite Zune Movie

Now that you have your new Zune, you can start to enjoy content like your favorite Zune movie. The Zune is a multimedia device that will allow you to play all sorts of files like music, images, some special software, and movies.

Chuck (S02E01) “Chuck Versus the First Date” Review and Recap

The season two premier of NBC’s Chuck is airing a week early on, and I’ve given a detailed summary and review of a show that deserves some serious attention.

David Blaine – Dive of Death ABC Special

The David Blaine: Dive of Death ABC special tonight was pretty entertaining to watch. But did that “Dive of Death” leave anyone else scratching their heads? It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Internet Television – A Revolution

Prepare yourself for an internet television revolution. Not only will it save you money, it will be obscenely convenient and bring down the subscription-based model you are accustomed to.

How to Get the Hannah Montana Look

The Emmy-nominated television series, Hannah Montana is one of the latest phenomenons in America. Hannah Montana is the name of the fictional character played by Miley Cyrus. As Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has to wear outfits that make her look younger than her age. Although Miley Cyrus is as fashionable as her character, she is better known as Hannah Montana and her fan base consists of fans as young as 6. Her sense of style appeals to teenagers aged up to 16 and each of her fans thrive to look just like Montana.

TMZ – Virtues Versus Vice

Is “TMZ” the salacious TV tabloid its critics say it is, or is it really a celebration of virtues, serving a moral purpose? Experts say while it is not exactly Sunday School, the show’s Old Testament view of virtues versus vice is wholly redeeming.

Less is More – Screen Time For Horror Villains

It is interesting to consider that some of the most memorable and effective horror villains in our favourite films from the genre actually have very little in the way of screen time. Perhaps the fact we only get glimpses of them encourages us to fill in the blanks with our own imaginations, after all we fear the unknown above all else. There is certainly a relationship between how much we see of a character on screen and how scary they are to the audience, a brief appearance often just whets the appetite and fans frequently go …

Bollywood Events

It is rightly said that Bollywood is a religion in our country. People live and die for movies. The fan following for a particular star is so fierce that individuals even eat and drink in a particular style. Hero, heroines have a huge impact on the lives of normal people right from how they live, talk to what they wear. Read this article and find out the latest bollywood events.

History of Bollywood

The Indian film industry has a huge fan base not only at home but also abroad, especially in countries which have a significant Indian population. The term Bollywood is a term coined for the Hindi-language film industry set in Bombay, India. Bollywood is often incorrectly referred to the whole of Indian Cinema. It is in fact just a part of the film industry. Read this article and find out the history of Bollywood.

Character, Depth and Emotion in Smallville

Throughout the history of television, Superman has long since proven to be a repeatedly successful franchise. In the 1990’s, when LOIS AND CLARK debuted on network television, many critics assumed it would be short lived. The critics erred as this program turned out to be very successful both in viewers and quality