Advantages and Disadvantages of Plasma and LCD Screens

Prices of HDTV sets are falling rapidly and the experts anticipate that they continue to drop over the next years. Because of this there is a lot of interest in all of the types of TV technologies available right now.

24p Digital Technology – Now Anyone Can Have A Cinematic Film Look Shooting On Mini DV

The advances of digital filmmaking gives the independent filmmaker the right tools to completely produce and distribute an independant film.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean opened at Disneyland in 1967 and became an instant classic. But it’s a picture memory from sometime early in 1966, inside a basic warehouse building at WED Enterprises, that still resonates most strongly with me.

Getting The Attention Of A Film Distributor

Once you completed your film, you’ll want to get a film distributor to get your movie out to the masses. Here are some great tips.

Distributing Your Film Through The Internet

With the power of the internet, independent filmmakers can easily distribute their quality independent movies through various effective channels.

Forget Film School – Use Your Tuition Money To Make Your First Film

Film school could be a complete waste of time as well as a financial burden. Take your tuition money and make your own movie instead.

Threatening the TV Service Providers

Once upon a time the cable TV has the first choice for watching TV shows as it was supreme to any other technology on the market at the time. Cable TV was spread out into homes all over the country. It had many advantages of which providing a wide selection of channels and doing it through air and without any affect caused by atmospheric disturbances.

Ideas Behind The Movie

If you’ve ever wondered what criteria movie ideas are selected by, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Read just how much hard work goes into the process of coming up with the initial plot for the movie.

Where Are All The Good Movies?

As more and more movies are emerging, the race for original ideas is far from over. Yet how much of what we see today hasn’t already been seen before?

Traces Of Modern Mannerism In Today’s Cinema

If you’re not very familiar with the mannerist art movement of the 1500’s, I’ll bring you up to speed. Chronologically, we have Ancient and Classical art styles varying from ancient Egyptian frescoes to 4th Century arches and mosaics from the eastern Roman Empire(15000BC to ~350AD). Followed by Medieval (most commonly found it bibles) and the Gothic art movement, which can be easily depicted through architecture. The tall pointed arches were a solution to

Download TV Commercials – The Best Places To Find Them

Discover the best places to download TV commercials to enjoy at home, at work, or on the road.

How to Contact Comic Book Artists and Writers

The first annual New York Comic-con brought out Milla Jovovich and was so successful, organizers almost had to shut it down. The second annual New York Comic-con was organized much better, even bringing out Steven King and Stan Lee to meet fans. Below are some more insider tips for contacting your favorite comic book artists and writers at various comic book conventions around the country…