The Popularity of Large Movie Posters and the Search by Collectors to Obtain Them

Are you wondering where the best places to buy large movie posters are? We are not talking about your standard prints, rather the huge movie posters you see placed on the sides of buildings, across the ceilings of theatre lobbies and on the walls of shopping malls. These types of movie promotional posters are not only difficult to find but are generally never for sale to the general public.

Despicable Me and 3D: What a Combination!

Despicable Me in 3D is an amazing watch. It has a heart, it is made with a wonderful technology that makes everything almost close to reality. If you missed Despicable Me in 3D theaters, don’t worry because you can have the Samsung UN55C8000 at home to enjoy every moment in 3D technology!

Vampire’s – Fact or Fiction?

Far from being a modern subject, or just a theme for Halloween outfits, the idea of vampires walking among us actually dates back to the decade of 1720 to 1730, which ended when the Habsburg Dynasty exhumed the bodies of two men suspected of being vampires, and were apparently unable to prove or disprove the accusation. Further back than the 1700s, in many languages the word vampire meant the same as demon and people had an idea there was some unexplained evil out and about.

Your Movie Library Needs Help

Your movie library isn’t what it used to be. Even though you might think movie night is exciting, your friends are starting to tire from the same old movies again and again. Just because you like to watch the same movies more than once doesn’t necessarily mean your friends and family do. You need to start getting smarter about your movies, without having to take up a lot of time or money. Here are some signs that your movie library needs help – and what you can do about it.

What to Include in a Movie Synopsis

Many people don’t realize that every movie tells a story, even if they understand there is a beginning, middle, and end. And while some stories are better than others, learning how movies work can help people begin to appreciate them more.

Zen Living With a Movie Catalog System

With all of the talk of simplicity in life and in organization, it seems everyone should be living the Zen life now. But why aren’t more of us feeling calm? Sometimes, taking small, but important steps is the key to feeling better about your life’s chaos. With a movie catalog system, you can begin to step into a Zen state of mind, just by making sure your movies area in order. Today can be the day that you start to assert control over one corner of your world, and that can only spread to every other disorganized piece of your life.

What Makes a Top 100 Scary Movie?

There are countless pages on countless websites across the Internet that claim to have the list of the top 100 scary movies of all time. Sure many of these lists vary, sometimes drastically, but there always seem to be a few movies that grace each list out there. Why do these few movies seem to stand out?

Ways to Impress Judges at Teen Acting Auditions

Attempting to break into the acting world is difficult in its own. Generally people being training from a young age to master the techniques and tips they need to become the next rising star.

Tips on Movie Auditions and Acting

The audition is the most important part of traveling the road to become a film star. It is easy to get stage freight in front of a few judges who hold the fate of your career in their hands. Thousands of actors pour into auditions; whether it is your first time or your hundredth time, you need to be sure you have what it takes to outshine the rest.

Tips on Camera Acting

In the high stakes world of being an actor/actress you must make every moment count. One bad show, movie or even a television advertisement can be a career-ender for those stars that are just starting out.

Tips of Selecting a Good Acting Studio

A good studio can be one of the hardest things in and when you are first starting out as an actor. It is a place where you can go to both learn and hone and your craft.

Things to Consider When Searching for Acting Classes

There are many ways to go about training as an actor. One of the most important ways to go about training as an actor and his to enroll and begin taking acting classes. These can be taken at most major universities however, there are specialized school and can’t do and cater specifically to in the acting community.