Life History of Actor Nagesh

The contribution of actor Nagesh to Tamil cinema is immeasurable. He was born on September 27, 1933 to Krishna Rao and Rukmaniamma in a Kannada family. He was educated and brought up in Madras. From 1958-2008 he has acted in more than 1000 Indian movies. He worked as a clerk in Indian Railways before the start of his acting carrier. When he was working, he was also acting in the drams of veteran director K. Balachander.

How to Make an Independent Theater Unforgettable

A small, independent theater is about the love of films that are shown there. Your customers love movies and you love to show them movies. Why not let them enjoy their favorite classics and oldies in the most comfortable theater seating? It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to create a great environment in your small, independent theater.

The Shadow Effect – How to Rise Above Your Limitation

The movie ‘The Shadow Effect’ is a visually compelling docudrama that reveals the hidden parts of ourselves that we judge and dislike. When it is left unresolved it manifests into destructive behavior that continually perpetuates in an endless cycle that causes internal conflicts and misery.

Movie Musicals Vs Musical Movies

“Have you seen Billy Elliott? 9 to 5? Dirty Dancing?” These questions raise a counter question: “The movie or the musical?” There is no longer a strong line between the film and stage.

Mickey Mouse – A Mouse Stuck in Time

Mickey Mouse is now some 80 years old and seemingly the ravages of time have not left a mark on him. A couple of makeovers have left him a little rotund and to many a little misshapen. He has steadfastly refused to update his wardrobe and stuck with the clothes that have seen him through the triumphs and disasters visited on the world that he inhabits over the decades of his life. But do you know what, he doesn’t look at all bad on it.

Criss Cross (1949) – The Perfect Film Noir

I always find the music in film noir interesting. Unlike self-conscious noirs like Farewell, My Lovely and Body Heat, most noir soundtracks are orchestral – not jazz. The slow wailing saxophone over a Robert Mitchum voice-over can be found in noir parodies like the Guy Noir segments of Prairie Home Companion. Strangely enough, that kind of music track is never actually heard in classic film noir. With some exceptions (Odds Against Tomorrow, for example) jazz and other forms of popular American music is usually heard only when it’s performed on screen and not in the background or over opening credits.

Body and Soul (1947)

Boxing is the sport of film noir. Body and Soul was an independent film made by John Garfield’s production group after he left Warner Bros. Garfield was the face of yet-to-be-defined film noir. The physiognomy of Garfield was a perfect fit for noir and he made the most of it in films like The Postman Always Rings Twice and He Ran All the Way. He played boxers before Body and Soul but this film was to remove any sentimental romances and light comedy that was prominent in previous movies.

Cinema – The True Reflector Of Society

They are indeed optimists, who know that cinemas are the true reflectors of society. From origin, cinemas act as the mirrors & simulate incidents that happen in society. Cinemas give not only recreation, entertainment but also create awareness, education and enthrall millions of people across the nation about the hidden aspects of the society & social prospect.

Top 10 – Movies of the 80’s

You remember the eighties right? The time of big hair and legwarmers, when teenage angst was written all over your TV screen. I’m not talking about the classics like “The Princess Bride” and “Dirty Dancing” here, though both of those films deserve their due credit. I’m talking about the movies that shaped a generation, when it was all about the kiss.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is Better Than Transformers – 5 Reasons Why

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was a great movie. It was even better than the first Transformers. This movie has great special effects and the plot and storyline are all on point and flow together nicely. This was more than a movie it was an experience from start to finish. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should see this movie.

Marketing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Previous Harry Potter movies have broken many records in sales and marketing. Makers of the movies earned million of dollars through its marketing.

The Beginning of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half blood Prince due to be released on the 15th of July. Is about to top the charts for a very long time. The movie has every sort of flavor added to its story to make it exciting and a big hit.