The Demise of Big Brother

Big Brother was once a new and excting TV concept. Now it is just a load of sleaze and a fast track to being a Z-list celeb.

Pump New Life into Miss America

The Miss America Pagaent doesn’t have to die, unless we let it.

Munich The Movie

Some thoughts from The Rabbi about Spielberg’s latest.

Private Investigators on TV – Randall and Hopkirk (Diseased)

Part two of our series looking at television private detectives.

Private Investigators on TV – Magnum PI

In this series of articles, we’re going to look at some well-known Private Investigations who have made it to the television. To start, my personal favourite, Magnum PI.

All Along the Watch Tower – Interactive TV

What’s so cool about interactive TV? It puts you in (almost) total control of your viewing experience. Is that a good thing?

Made In America

This article is about the dynamics involved in the TV show American Chopper.

King Kong Doesn’t Ape 1933

Gorilla warfare yields to ape-meets-girl, but how does Kong ’05 compare with the spooky original from ’33? More to the point: how have WE changed in the past 72 years?

Treasures Galore for the Movie Buff!

Memorabilia and collectibles involving movies and TV shows.

Brokeback Mountain Blues

Brokeback Mountain forcibly brings all these tumultuous thoughts, tormenting conflicts of interest and personal struggles to the surface, surging like lava from a volcano, which I’m now wrestling with and pouring out for others to consider.

How to Watch Leno and Letterman

Let’s face it. Late-night talk shows can bet pretty routine and boring. So what should you do while you are watching it? Well, you could crochet an afghan. I give some other ideas.

What is PocketDish?

PocketDish by Dish Network is an ingenious video, music, game and photo device that’s compact enough to fit into a pocket or purse. You can store TV programs, music, your favorite games and photos on PocketDish.