Strong Characters – Gladiator

Gladiator tells the story of an experienced officer heading a division of the Roman army. Emperor Marcus Aurelius trusts him so much he decides to make him his successor instead of his own son Commodus. In his own words, “Commodus is not a moral man. He cannot rule. He must not rule!”

Surprising Twist – Babe, Pig in the City

This scene takes place around the midpoint in the movie. Before this moment, Babe has been described as “an inconsequential species with no other purpose than to be eaten by human”; the little pig and his human, Mrs Hoggett, have been dragged here and there, arrested, searched, judged, released, and overall not taken very seriously. Later, set up by the chimps, Babe finds himself hunted by 2 ferocious guard dogs: a bull terrier and a doberman.

Iron Man 2 – As Good As the First?

Once again, billionaire Tony Stark has to step up to the plate in the name of world peace in Iron Man 2. Writer Justin Theroux has done about the best he could to provide more conflict.

Suspension of Disbelief – The Incredible Hulk

This adaptation of The Incredible Hulk, directed by Louis Leterrier, gained much better critical and financial success than the 2003 Ang Lee version; Marvel had decided to take a more active role in producing of their properties and the result shows: a more faithful storyline to the comic. This movie explores the human factor in a different way that is meant as an homage to the old TV show, including the accident that started the whole thing.

Godfather – The Movie

Why is Godfather the best movie of all time? We will tell you just that.

Oceanos Sinking

The ill fated ship was sunk on the eastern coast of South Africa. Reportedly, the ship was on its way to the Wild Coast of the Transkei then suddenly an explosion occurred in the engine room that created a big hole there.

The Sopranos – Greatest TV Series Finale Ever?

The Sopranos redefined modern television. It’s series finale 3 years ago caused huge discussion online. We look at the impact and legacy it left.

Episode Summary of the Hit Comedy TV Show Peep Show

This article is about an episode of the English comedy TV show Peep Show. The article body connects to the keywords because the episode being reviewed deals with lawyers and attorneys and is partially set in a court room.

The Newest Shows Joining the Trend of Ones Centered on New Jersey Residents

This article will discuss the latest craze of New Jersey centered reality shows. It will look into the latest one set to show called Jerseylicious and Jersey Couture.

Clash of the Titans 2010 Vs Clash of the Titans 1981

The 2010 recreation of Clash of the Titans is expected to be one of biggest films of the year. If box office sales to date are any inclination, this could not be more correct. This film will place another highly noted and admired notch on actor Sam Worthington’s belt.

Redemption and the Final Episode of Lost

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) wrote, “Being unable to cure death, sin, and ignorance, men have decided, in order to be happy, not to think about such things.” For Sunday night’s final episode of Lost, in this regard J. J.

Lost – A Parallel World With Our Own

Lost was the name of a show. At first I was Lost, but now I think I’m found. It was a great show that parallels our world more than one might think.