History of Disney’s Princess Fairy Tales

Disney is well known for their beautifully animated fairy tales and the characters from them that have captivated us, just as much as its icon mouse since 1928. Something that many people do not know about our treasured Disney Princess stories from the Walt Disney Company is that many of them were based on already existing works.

Save 65 For Something Thats Sky’s Fault

Has your Sky+ box frozen recently? Wont come out of standby (red light) mode? Sky wanting to charge big bucks to fix it? Well, put away that wallet – I’ll tell you for free!

Quality Acting in Silly Haunting Lentera Merah Movie

In the Lentera Merah movie (Indonesian), a scene shows the side profile of a book being pushed off the shelf seen from the left side of the movie camera. It is not really scary up to until a hand comes out of a book shelf. Surprise! The director similarly uses the left side of the movie camera for another scene where the lamp suddenly lights up.

How to Download The Happening Full Movie Safely Online

So you’re looking to download the new movie The Happening, but where to start? Well first you’re going to need a safe and reliable download site.

How to Download the Incredible Hulk Full Movie Safely Online

So you’re looking to download the new movie The Incredible Hulk? Well first off you’re going to need a safe and reliable download site. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a download site.

Wanted, Starring Angelina Jolie – Did You Know It’s Based on a Comic Book?

Universal Pictures’ new film Wanted is based on the acclaimed six-issue comic book mini-series by writer Mark Millar and artist J.G. Jones, released by Image/Top Cow from 2003 to 2004. In a Summer dominated by Silver-Age comic book retreads, Wanted offers a breath of the modern. And like Road To Perdition (Tom Hanks, Paul Newman), most folks don’t know that Wanted is based on a comic book!

Watch Transformers Online and Save on the Expensive DVD Collection

With the recent release of a movie, “Transformers” got its popularity back, which explains why so many people are looking to watch Transformers online. Packed with great special effects and a lot of humor, the series make an engaging pastime viewing, and are equally loved by young crowds as well as the nostalgic 80s generation.

Watch Stardust – Things You Need to Know to Watch Stardust Online

You do not need to possess super skills or be a techie to watch Stardust online. If you love the movie “Stardust” (or, probably, you still haven’t seen it, but want to), you can use the online resources to turn your computer into a mini theatre. The beauty is that in most cases you do not need any upgrades done to your PC, though a broadband Internet connection would be helpful.

Watch Smallville TV Show Online – Choose the Variant That Suits You Most

If you are wondering how to watch Smallville TV show online, there could be various reasons for that. Probably, you do not have The CW channel or miss the episodes regularly due to various personal reasons. It can also be so, that you have started following the series recently and want to catch up on past seasons. And, of course, there are die-hard fans of the serial, who are looking for ways to have all the favorite episodes, but cannot afford buying a complete DVD compilation.

4 Top Reasons to Watch Resident Evil-Extinction Online

Why watch Resident Evil – Extinction online you might ask. Hasn’t the movie been released on DVDs? Aren’t satellite channels air it from time to time? This is all true, but if you are an horror movie fan or simply a person who enjoys watching good movies (don’t we all love quality movies?), you may benefit from watching them all online, including “Resident Evil – Extinction”.

How to Watch Prison Break TV Show Online – Two Best Variants

If Prison Break is your favorite TV show, but due to various reasons you just cannot follow it consistently, you can actually download its episodes or watch Prison Break TV show online. To save you time you would otherwise spend trying to figure out what your options are, we will review two best variants you can use to watch your favorite series on your PC.

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End Online – An Alternative to Downloading

Want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End online, but the downloading option is not for you? No problem. There is an amazing alternative available to you. Read on and discover the new way to watch all your favorite movies and much more online!