Parkour Video Review – District B13

If you like movies that show seemingly impossible stunts, then you will like this movie! As a personal witness to some of these stunts done in a local studio, I was amazed, and wanted to see more, so I watched this movie with professional parkour artist, David Belle. Read on to find out a little more about this amazing sport, and this “parkour” movie!

Is Your Dream to Be a Great Actor on the Big Screen?

Were you born to be in front of the camera? Did you find yourself attracted to the silver screen at an fresh age? If this characterized you and if you’re still stretching out to the dream of acting success I am here to show you that it is within your command.

The Apprentice – My Favourite TV Show

Another series of the gripping TV show the Apprentice has started airing in the UK right now. For my entire household this is compulsive viewing, read on to find out more.

Finding the Perfect Film Location

How do directors and producers find the perfect film locations? UK properties of all types are available as great exterior and interior locations.

Why Kids Love Satellite TV?

Kids are a great lover of TV programs. The most engaging content on the satellite TV keeps the children glued to their seats. If it’s their favorite cartoon show or sports or any other kids programs they watch it with rapt attention. Let’s see why kids love to watch satellite TV.

Bollywood Backs on Badmaash Company

Shahid Kapoor, Vir Das, Meiyang Chang, Anushka Sharma starrer Badmaash Company is decent. After Housefull, this movie has got a good start as it saves Bollywood from the blemishes.

How to Choose a Cable Television Provider

There are many cable TV providers out there. Find out how to select the best one.

Chuck – The Complete Second Season

The second season of Chuck is full of action and character development. Fans of the first season will not be disappointed with this one.

An Introduction to the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes film festival or ‘le Festival de Cannes’ is one of the most revered, glamorous and popular international film festivals across the world. Having originated in 1946, this festival represents one of the most respected and awaited film awards in the whole film industry, especially in the European film industry.

Directing Tips – What Makes an Interesting Protagonist (Part Three – Conflict)

I have a theory about stories. A good story is not just about the conflict between a protagonist and an antagonist.

Directing Tips – What Makes an Interesting Protagonist (Part One – Single-Minded Determination)

It’s been said that art reflects life. It’s also been said that movies are art. If those two statements are true, then movies reflect life.

Cheap Movie Tickets – So You Don’t Have to Wait For the DVD Release Anymore

Love watching movies? So do a lot of people. But the thing is, you can’t always go to the cinemas whenever you like anymore because of the expensive tickets. But it’s a bum having to wait for the DVD release of the movie as well. So what do you do?