Gossip Girl Episode 15 – The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Sex issues abound in this Gossip Girl episode. You know, I actually miss the Gossip Girl blasts about them. At any rate, not having them hasn’t made watching Gossip Girl any less juicy.

The Continued Success of Edie Falco on Satellite TV

There’s no doubt about it: HBO managed to score a hit that is rare to come by with its series “The Sopranos.” And while some viewers might have initially tuned in ready to see a “Goodfellas” style depiction of mob life, a whole lot of others ended up addicted not because of the guys on the show, but because of the incredibly interesting side stories involving family members.

Entertaining News and Satellite TV

Let’s face it: the actual news can get downright depressing, even when there isn’t some sort of economic or political crisis going on. And with more and more channels of cable news on television, a single news story can get chewed up and fed to viewers hour after hour without any sort of interesting or insightful commentary. In fact, it seems as though for actual reliable news on television these days, you are more likely to find a daily digest in the most unlikely of places: on the various news shows that are supposed to be satire or comedy, but that actually manage to wrap up the day’s events and present them in a way that is also informative.

Today’s Viewers Agree That You Can’t Beat Satellite TV

As time goes by, it would seem that consumer advocacy groups gain more and more ground and that the general buying public is able to better inform itself and therefore make smarter decisions when spending money. These trends ultimately lead to more satisfied and contented consumers, people that are able to enjoy what they spend their money on because they know they’ve made a smart purchase and aren’t being taken advantage of.

Sit Back, Relax, And Learn?

It’s amazing what you can find and do with television these days. It’s not like the old days when TVs had a knob to turn to choose your channel and you could only get a few. And to think that there was a time when television networks only ran TV shows for part of the day.

Reality Shows – Like it Or Hate it, There is a Show For Everyone

There seems to be tons of reality shows on TV now. However, whether you like it or not, there is a reality show for everyone and they are here to stay.

Up in the Air – To Be Virtual, Or Not to Be Virtual

Did Hollywood get it right? Do we still need to do some things in person? I think the answer is yes, and no. A nebulous answer for sure unless it happens to be a scripted Hollywood response from a Harry Potter movie. Let me clarify. For companies that are in legacy businesses, a traditional brick and mortar business, particularly those requiring large numbers of on-site staff, I would concur that something as difficult and personal as job terminations should be done in person.

Stargate Collectibles – 3 Must-Have Things For All Stargate Fans

It has been over ten years that I have been hooked to Stargate (SG) series. Even if I ever missed an episode, I ensured that I knew each and every detail before the next one was on air. Over the years, I have collected some really attractive SG-1 and SG Atlantis merchandise to make my friends go green with envy.

Will Ferrell – Early Life Bio Before Saturday Night Live (SNL) And Movie Career

Will Ferrell is a very famous actor but relatively few people know about his early life. This article aims to inform readers of his early life before his celebrity took off.

5 Great War Movies to Watch Before You Die

War has been a theme of movies right from the earliest days when D.W. Griffith made his controversial movie, “Birth of a Nation”. War has given movie makers several narratives and conflicts that make for great cinema. Some of the most memorable movies of the past few decades were about war, so here’s my list of my personal favorites amongst them:

3D Movies Are No Passing Fad

These days, it seems like every movie they make is in 3D – horror movies, in particular – but 3D is nothing new. 3D photography first became popular in Victorian Times, thanks to David Brewster’s prism stereoscope.

Paradise Lost

Richard aka Ricardo Great episode! We now know that Richard Alpert is not the Egyptian R.A.