Lord of The Rings – How it Relates to “Real Life”

Being the huge Lord of the Rings fan that I am I have come up with this theory of what all the races, some characters & places may represent in “Real Life” or what J.R.R. Tolkien may have based his ideas on. This article is about my opinion of how the characters in the Lord of the Rings may relate to “Real Life”.

Whoopi Brings ‘Things’ To The View

First, there was Star Jones amongst the Barbra Walters ‘Woman Chat’ mix, inclusive of Meredith Viera, Joy Behar, Lisa Ling. As the seasons changed, however, so did the comings and goings of The Views Co-hosts. I credit the original cast with mild to moderate moments of interest to the viewing public, yet, nothing came forth from those roundtable discussions, even remotely mind boggling. In short, there was no fire, no spunk, no drama!

Five Must Watch Movies Made Before 1980

Vintage film lovers always seem intent on proving to the world that yesterday’s movies were simply better than today’s in every way. This article tries to get past the curmudgeon’s disdain and recommend five films from before 1980 that really will impress most movie lovers. So if you’ve shied away from older films for all the wrong resons, consider adding these five to your Netflix queue.

A Picture Of Channing Tatum’s Life So Far, Famous Male Model And Successful Actor

An article about Channing Tatum’s life so far, compiling a picture of his career and information about his childhood. Informative piece about actor Channing Tatum.

DVD Rentals

This article will help you understand dvd rentals. Where you can find cheap dvds to rent. You will find out where to find quality movies.

Who Will Become an Indian Idol?

By analyzing both Chandra Kundali and the strengths and weakness of all the planets, Ganesha arrives to conclusion that, Amit Paul will become an Indian Idol.

Watch Satellite TV On Your Computer Tips For A Non-Techie!

Do you struggle with setting up gadgets? Fortunately, you can still watch satellite TV on your computer with minimal technical know-how and skills. We are going to take a quick look at a few options to see how we can do it right on the first time and get ready to watch some really cool satellite TV channels on your computer.

Should You Take Your Child to Hollywood to be a Star?

A Hollywood insider tells about some of the things parents should think about before going to Hollywood. Should you follow your dream? Encouragement and pitfalls

Classic Television DVDs Bring the 1970s Back to the Small Screen

The 1970s were full of classic family television programs. This article discusses the variety of television programs available to the 1970s audience and how they are now available on DVD.

Guide To The Characters of Grey’s Anatomy

In my opinion this is perhaps the greatest and most poignant hospital drama in television history. The writers of this show have weaved together an intricate spider web of relationships, emotional attachments, story lines, subplots, intrigue, and catharsis. This is a commentary of the characters on the popular TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

This is England – Gritty UK Drama is a Winner at Sarajevo, 2007

In case you think “TeenArena’ means all fun and games and gyrating teenyboppers all in a row, This is England, the choice for this year’s TeenArena award will come as a wonderful surprise. The main players are young, in their teens or twenties, indeed, the lead role is played by a thirteen year old, but they have all been brutally thrown into an adult world. This film is maturely intelligent, meaningful and truly worthwhile for audiences of all ages.

How To Choose A Good DVD Rental Company

Online DVD rental companies are a boon for movie buffs. By simply visiting a website they can search for and find the best that the movie industry has to offer.