Australian Teen Action Movie Is Popular With Audiences

An action movie geared towards teenagers has recently been released in Australia. The movie, Tomorrow When the War Began, is based on the 1993 novel by John Marsden and is the story of how eight teenagers cope when they find out that their country has been invaded. The novel is very popular among young adult readers and has now been turned into a movie.

NCIS Boxed Set – Watch All of Your Favorite NCIS Episodes Again and Again

Are you looking for a NCIS boxed set for a NCIS fan or are you looking to add to your collection of NCIS merchandise? Whatever the reason, you absolutely can’t go wrong by investing in a collection that will bring hours and hours of entertainment.

The Tradition of Chinese Martial Arts

Many are familiar with Chinese martial arts either through their exposure to the arts via kung fu movies or through theatrical presentations of wushu. While both presentations are rooted in the classic traditional Chinese martial arts, the original form of the arts are much different than what we see today.

Jet Li Biographical Sketch

Born in Beijing, China in 1963, the youngest of five children, Jet Li (born Li Lian Jie) was an obedient, dutiful son. At twelve, he became the wushu champion, even though he was competing against men in their twenties. Over his career, he won 15 gold medals and 1 silver in direct competition with adults.

Kung Fu Movies

Kung fu movies have a long history and are also increasing in popularity today. Although Hong Kong still leads the way in producing this genre, they are enjoyed worldwide and millions of people watch them every year.

Best True Story Movies

Need a recommendation for a movie based on a true story? Here are some great movies.

Nitro Circus Movie In 3D: Jackass Style Of Fun With Pro MX Riders

Nitro Circus is a TV show produced by MTV and MX riding team. It’s also a clothing line that fits in with their personality and showmanship to a tee. Andy Bell posted that they already have plans to make a movie in 3D.

Best Hindi Movie

India is now becoming popular with the emergence of its quality film productions. It seems that Hindi movies are trying its best to be at par with the world. One best proof of that is the increasing demands for various language translations and subtitles to reach a worldwide audience.

Our Favorite Movies of 2008

2008 had some very strong performances and movies that are classics in the making. Here’s our favorites! Cloverfield – Whether you thought the acting in this movie was good or not, the way the footage was displayed on the screen was new and somewhat jarring.

Sanctum Movie 3D

‘Sanctum’ the movie, a James Cameron 3D extravaganza, will be released in the cinemas come February 2011. For now, we can get a glimpse of what lies ahead by watching the just released Sanctum movie trailer. Sanctum is a movie about cave divers and the thrill of exploration and adventure inside cave systems. It investigates the psychological strains on team members of an expedition when it all goes horribly wrong.

Are You Addicted to a TV Show?

Today we will be discussing things to look for in your life to see whether you’re addicted to a TV show. After discussing these things to look for, we will discuss them a little more in depth.

Whoopi Goldberg Movies – A Multi-Talented and Multi-Faceted Actress

She is a very interesting character who has appeared in many TV shows and acted in many movies. Let’s discuss some Whoopi Goldberg movies and discover the diversity of roles she’s taken on with confidence and great success.