GE Universal Remote Codes – What They Are And Where To Get Them

Since upgrading your electronics and customizing your home theater setup became a necessity, so did the necessity of getting a GE remote is one the wisest decision that you will ever make. Before you can enjoy all the convenience of device manipulation with the use of one single remote control, you must learn how to program the GE universal codes. It is very true that you will find it very convenient to use this universal remote control but there are a few people who are having problems programming GE universal remote codes.

Must See Movies of 2011

One of the first things that people look into at the beginning of the year is what movies are going to come out within the next twelve months. This builds up excitement for the next blockbuster. So, this 2011, what are the movies that we should look forward to?

The Six Million, Er, Six Billion Dollar Man Trailer You’ll Never See

Hollywood is awash with TV-to-film adaptations. Why not an adaptation of the coolest scifi-action series of the 1970s? This is my fantasy trailer for that imagined movie.

Reviewed: Battle: Los Angeles [2011]

Battle: Los Angeles [2011] 12A – 116mins – Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller – 11th March 2011 I must admit that since I first became aware of this movie my initial thoughts were that it’s not going to be quite the hit I think it is expecting to be and as a worst case scenario it might turn into the next Skyline. Big word of warning, do not watch that movie, you can’t get the time back no matter how hard you try. It is truly diabolical.

A Person Called Elizabeth Taylor

Born in 1932 Taylor became an international star at the age of 14 when she started in MGM’s National Velvet (1944). Following the success of that film she became one of the biggest and busiest child stars who successfully managed to make a smooth transition post childhood.

Life Goes On Movie Review

It’s one thing to get inspired by a great play like King Lear or a book like Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet but it’s something else when your characters end up mouthing someone else’s words as if they were their own! Watching Sangeeta Datta’s Life Goes On you can’t help but get a feeling that the writer-director put everything she liked right from Shakespeare to Ritwik Ghatak to Satyajit Ray in a box and shook it till something resembling a film came emerged!

Selecting the Best HDMI Receiver

The perfect home theater needs the perfect sound system. Consumers may spend a lot of time and energy purchasing the perfect TV, paying much attention to which TV offers the best picture quality, color quality and the clearest views even at a side angle. A much less scrutinized component for TV purchases is the sound quality.

What Careers Are Available for an Entertainment Technology College Graduate?

If you enjoy being on the inside track, then a career in entertainment technology could be the perfect choice. Entertainment technology graduates are qualified to work behind the scenes on entertainment productions, ensuring that performances are enhanced by lights, sets, sound and multimedia effects.

Nadunisi Naaygal Review

Nadunisi Naaygal has a well-intended message on Child Abuse although the message stays detached from the rest of the film. Scenes of violence, murder and sex witnessed early in childhood creates an emotional dependency in Veera with the woman who rescues him from his father. The promiscuous father puts the kid through orgies, sexually abusing him to make him a serial killer and psychopath. From the 1960’s “Psycho” directed by Alfred Hitchcock to the Anthony Hopkins starrer “The Silence of The Lambs”, Gautham Menon’s “Nadunisi Naaygal” has all of them.

ANTM – A Platform For Discovery

America’s Next Top Model Exposure With ANTM launching models into the fashion industry, this up market show is making waves as the hottest platform for fresh talent in America. As a reality series, viewers all over the world get to tune in and watch the drama, as the real face of modeling bares all. The competition and stress, the confidence and uncertainty – it’s all there for the models to deal with in front of the camera.

3D Technology in Light

The ability to record information in 3D has transformed the world of imaging. Now with the help of Stereoscopy, we are capable of generating two identical images yet from different angles and presenting it to the eye with image depths. This is angel hidden in the magic box of 3D compatible devices…

What Does HDMI Mean and Is It Important To Me?

You may have heard or seen the terms HDMI, HDMI receiver and HDMI cables, but you may not know what HDMI means or what it is for. Here is some information to help you understand what HDMI is and if you think you may need HDMI cables or receivers.