Logical Questions Pertaining to the Movie “Return to Paradise” Plus My Personal Thoughts

In the movie “Return to Paradise” (1998), two friends must choose whether to help a third friend who was arrested in Malaysia for drug possession. “Give up three years of their lives or give up the life of their friend. They have eight days to decide.”

BreadCrumbs Horror Movie Review – If Sex Equals Death in Horror, What Happens to a Porno Crew?

Gore is only half the reason you buy a ticket to a horror movie, and I think you know where I’m going with this. Sex and nudity is the other half, and just as the rules of cinema dictate, the price you pay for good sex is death. In “Bread Crumbs”, directed by Mike Nichols (not the one you’re thinking of) sex is on everyone’s mind, as the cast of characters is working on a quasi-professional porn shoot.

Viewers Flock to Peter Jackson’s Epic “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

It is not uncommon for film critics to give poor reviews to a film, only to find the audiences largely did not agree with them. When the box office tally comes in after a film is released, there are usually one or two instances where moviegoers flocked to a film that critics didn’t like, or stayed away from a film that critics loved. In the case of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” the film got mixed reviews from critics, but audiences overwhelmingly loved the prequel to Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Christmas Evil Horror Movie Synopsis

Rumored to be the best Christmas Horror Movie (yet), Christmas Evil tells the story of boy who learns that Santa is not real. He grows up to be a toy maker and becomes obsessed with the Christmas Spirit and Toys and resulting in him eventually snapping.

Attack the Block Horror Movie Synopsis

Attack the Block is in many ways a reversal of the traditional horror film. More than one critic has pointed out that horror and science fiction often meet at a very coy crossroads. Read what this movie is all about.

Scream Horror Movie Review – Self Parody Can Still Be Screamingly Scary

Review – Scream is what happens when you combine the world-weary, cloyingly experienced direction of Wes Craven, and the creative talents of a (then) young and hungry screenwriter, Kevin Williamson. Scream received a lot of ink upon its debut for boldly parodying the genre, turning dialog and plot developments (usually unbearably trite) into something witty and unpredictable. However, Scream achieves greatness whereas many other B-movie horror spoofs fail in their attempted hipness, solely because it manages to remain a disturbing, hurtful movie taking place within the bounds of reality.

Jack Frost Horror Movie Review – Vengeance Served Ice Cold

Jack Frost has what might rightly be considered the worst movie premise ever devised. Read what the author thinks about the movie.

Attack the Block Horror Movie Review – The Reversal of the Tradition Horror Film

Attack the Block is about a group of London teenage thugs that end up in the middle of an alien attack and must battle to defend their block from evil creatures from another planet. Approached by the gang of teenage thugs, they rob Sam (Jodie Whittaker) as she walks through a rough crime infested neighborhood in London. A burst of light comes crashing down from the sky and demolishes a nearby automobile. Startled and frightened, during all the commotion she escapes the rubble just before a supernatural creature arises from the debris, attacks and wounds Moses (John Boyega), the leader of the gang.

Considerations in Developing an Entertainment Career

While ones education may provide the knowledge and skills to do the job, most institutions sadly neglect teaching the necessary tools and information to seek and find employment. Identifying hiring prospects, locating support groups and resource centers are crucial steps to gaining a foothold in the entertainment industry. In addition, developing promotional strategies and compiling evidentiary materials are likewise important steps.

Growth of DTH Services

The growth of DTH service across the world in past one decade has been phenomenal as it has revolutionized the way television being viewed. The subscribers can watch their favorite shows in high-definition image quality with very good sound effects like CD.

The Modern Bollywood Film Heroine

Views of women in Bollywood are changing from the image of the perfect, submissive wife and homemaker. Today, women in Bollywood films challenge the status quo, giving hope to women all over India who do not fit the traditional mold.

Fun Facts About “Life of Pi”

The movie “Life of Pi” is based on a novel of the same name written by Yann Martell. Although the book and movie revolve mostly around characters that are from India, Martell himself is Canadian. During his childhood and teenage years, Martell lived in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, and Canada.