Hancock – The Missing Pieces

John Hancock is a super-hero with emotional problems. These problems greatly bother Hancock, and cause him to live a half-sour life. On one hand, he saves the lives of others; on the other, he creates great destruction everywhere he goes, and has a crummy attitude towards everyone he meets. Hancock suffers from hate, neglect and loneliness. By the end of the movie, his internal conflicts dissolve, allowing him to live a better life.

Persepolis – Living Through a Tragedy

Tragedy will, unfortunately, affect us at some point in our lives. The time will be different for everyone, but it is most important to deal with the tragedy emotionally. Marjane, the central character in Persepolis, is able to overcome a tragedy in her home country. She uses love, courage and fear to battle a horrible situation.

The Condemned – Essential Life Lessons

Although The Condemned is a very dark and violent movie, which is definitely not for everyone, there are essential life lessons which are presented in the film. It presents the problem of degrading human values for money, people giving power to other people, unlimited greed, and how a collective effort can stop violent acts.

10 Items Or Less – The Impact of Connection

In 10 Items or Less, Morgan Freeman describes himself as a connector. A person who is connected to him/herself, as well as others; and has the power to help others connect with themselves through social relations. In the movie, Morgan Freeman meets Scarlet. She is a young grocery store employee, but Freeman sees that she has great potential, and is really aspiring to be much more.

Find Out What’s on Television Tonight

If you are like most people, you have a tough time finding out what’s on television every night. With the numerous network television channels along with the basic and extended basic cable and satellite channels, finding out what shows you want to watch in advance can be quite a task.

Recording Sound For Film

Film sound recording contrasts in some ways with TV production techniques. Whereas TV studio sound recording is typically done with in-house equipment, it’s much more common for recording sound for features to be done initially on separate recorders from the camera to get a better sound. Also, sound is routinely taken to professional recording studios to be reworked.

New Moon Movie Is To Commence Filming In Early March

New Moon, the sequel to Twilight is going to be filmed, starting early March. The movie scenes will include many locations, thus will not be all filmed in the one area. The cast has been confirmed, and the film will be directed by new guy, Chris Weitz.

The Jade Goody – Max Clifford Affair

The Jade Goody / Max Clifford Affair is not simply a ‘triumph and tragedy’ story of two very different people caught up in each other’s lives. In what is a relatively short space of time, it has allowed the deepest emotions to fill pages of ‘gutter press’ – and forever changed the lives of thousands of people throughout the world.

American Idol Contestants Using the Best Anti Aging Creams

The singing contest that captivates the world each year, American Idol, has come to put pressures on its contestants, outside of singing well. A youthful look, beautiful skin, and healthy glow seems to play a very important role in getting the public to vote their way. As a result, the contestants on American Idol are using anti aging creams to look their best. This article takes a look at this phenomenon and how these Hollywood hopefuls deal with aging skin.

Forbes Most Expensive Fictional Homes

Forbes have been known to carry out a listing of the most famous celebrities, the richest people etc. Recently Forbes has come up with a list of the most expensive fictional homes. A literally out of the world list.

I Sure Hope There Will Be a “Harry Potter Expanded Universe”

Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Is there enough back story to complete a Harry Potter time line and create a world beyond Hogwarts and Hogsmeade? I believe them to be in the same realm of each other and are very similar.

Battlestar Galactica – Someone to Watch Over Me – “Play it Again, Starbuck”

About 35 minutes into Someone to Watch Over Me I was mentally preparing to write a lukewarm review of a wishy-washy formulaic soap opera. I was actually begrudgingly looking forward being able to blog this episode without acting like every other drooling Galactica fanboy talking about how great it was.