Bhoomika Chawla Detailed Information

Bhoomika Chawla, a famous Indian Actress born on August 21st 1978 in New Delhi. Bumika Chawla is the youngest daughter to her parents. She has one elder brother and an elder sister His father is a military officer and his posting was at different places across the country so from childhood onwards she lived in many places. She has completed her schooling in Delhi and started her career in the year 1997 in Mumbai city.

Trisha Krishnan

Trisha Krishnan was born on the 4th of May 1983 in Pallakad, Kerala, India. She speaks English, Hindi, Tamil and French. She studied at Church Park, India and Ethiraj College, India. She is an only child and she lives with her parents and her grandmother. She was introduced into the film industry through director Ameer Sultan’s film, Mounam Pesiyadhey where she acted in opposite Surya.

How to Find Your Classic Movies and Vintage Films From Hollywood Studios on DVD

Five or six years ago, the number of classic or vintage films transferred each month to DVD, occupied such a small section of New Release lists, it was comparatively easy for a collector to skim through these lists and identify the one or two movies he or she wished to purchase. This situation has now dramatically changed.

Success Recipe of Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is a celebrity known for her culinary skills. Her show ‘Rachael Ray’ and ’30 Minute Meals’ has brought her all – name, fame and glory.

James Bond and ‘Quantum of Solace’

If you’re looking for a non stop, action packed thriller, then the new James Bond, ‘Quantum of Solace’, is definitely for you. Leading on from old traits, seen in the most recent movies with Daniel Craig and ‘Casino Royale’, the new ‘Quantum of Solace’ adventures, will continue to dazzle, with even more high impact, intense action, and even greater quality sound and video based effects….

New Hot Celebrity Sport

Celebrities have new hot sport and more and more of them is totally addicted. This game hasn’t been in fashion since “Forrest Gump”, so from in 1994. If you didn’t guess already, it’s Ping-Pong! For someone who doesn’t know it is table tennis. The biggest fans of this a little bit strange sport are Susan Sarandon and Ed Norton.

Shorts As a Showcase For Feature Films

Many independent filmmakers make short films as a sort of calling card designed to show prospective employers or what they are capable of doing when seeking funding for a film. This mode of thinking does have a great deal of merit.

HBO’s Digital Cable Hit – John Adams

HBO does it again. The acclaimed John Adams miniseries raises the bar for historical biopics. Make sure you don’t miss this enlightening series on you digital cable pay tier.

Kannada Cinema

Kannada films just like any other film industry are considered to be realistic and have an emotional touch and most often delivering a social message. Read this article to know the history and interesting facts about Kannada cinema.

Malayalam Cinema

Malayalam films are considered to be more realistic in presentation and most often delivering a social message unlike typical Bollywood films. Read this article to know the history and interesting facts about Malayalam cinema.

Anne Hathaway is Hollywood’s New ‘It-Girl’

‘IT’ is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With ‘IT’ you win all men if you are a woman – all women if you are a man. ‘IT’ can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction.

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Watch All Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies on DVD

Nowadays almost every film and TV series becomes available on DVD at some point. However buying all your favorite DVDs can become extremely expensive. So what are the most cost-effective ways of enjoying all your favorite TV shows and films on DVD?